Big Move to the East, FAQ edition

Sometime around February of this year I started considering a big change.

Sometime around April I was definitely ready for change. I decided to move to the East Coast.

Between then and now I have told various family and friends about my decision.  I’ve collected some of the more popular questions I’ve been asked into this introductory blog post. Enjoy. And please comment if you have an unanswered question.

OMG, Arikka!  Seriously?! When are you moving?

Gramps Anderson and I will begin our trek by way of my Kia Spectra at approximately 8:37 am on September 18, 2010. Time is subject to change.

How cool! Are you going to stay with your family?

Initially yes. My aunt and uncle in Connecticut are gracious enough to let me stay with them as long as I need to get established. They have a beautiful home right on the lake. It will be quiet (except for the two rottweilers) and I will feel loved.

But I am thinking that the Boston area is where I would like to create my own home. We’ll see where life takes me.

Oh… How does Derek feel about you moving? (the boyfriend always seemed to find his way into the second or third question)

He’s actually quite happy. You see, he’s been accepted (with full funding) into a phD program at the University of New Hampshire. So my move to Connecticut puts us much closer together than if I had stayed in Seattle.

But, no. He’s not moving for me. And I’m not moving for him. It just worked out perfectly for both of us.

Do you have a job lined up?

Not at all. But I’m working on that. Or at least I will be. My aunt (see above) knows some people who know some people, so I may find a job through that network.

For some reason, I’m not too concerned. I’m a smart girl and I’ve worked hard- so I feel like something great has to be right around the corner. But if you know of any employers in my (soon to be) neck-of-the-woods who might be looking for someone with my talents, please direct them to the resume section of this blog.

What are you going to do with all your stuff? (Ok, so no one actually asked me that but I need a place to plug all of the things I’m trying to sell)

Well, I discovered I can fit three suitcases and a few boxes into my car. And that’s (more-or-less) the quantity of the stuff I’m going to keep. My sisters are happy to raid my closet and take all would-be abandoned clothes. But I am looking to find a new home for the following items (an abbreviated list):





-whole bunch of  kitchen stuff (dishes, baking pans, pots, etc.)

-beta fish tank (fish not included)

– old TV

If you want stuff, let me know.

Until next time,



2 responses to “Big Move to the East, FAQ edition

  1. Christina

    Write more often. I love these small glimpses into your mind.

    • arikkahall

      I plan to. It’s a nice outlet for me to consider my move (and all the anxiety, excitement, planning, etc. that go along with it) and I like that keeping a blog forces me to write on a regular basis.

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