Packing Party: Prologue

Tomorrow my mom and step-dad will buckle my three youngest sister’s into their big, red truck and venture out of my country hometown to Seattle to help me pack up my bedroom. I’ll still reside in Seattle for a few more weeks, but after they leave on Thursday I will live with a lot less stuff. It’s Step One in the process of downsizing for the cross-country move. And I couldn’t be happier to have their help.

However, it’s tough to think about the enormity of how my life will change in the next few months. Although Seattle was not as welcoming as I had hoped, I fell madly in love with my neighborhood and my house. I’m not usually a very nostalgic person, but I feel myself wanting to hold onto this home even though I’m confident in my decision to move. I have sweet memories of my home in Seattle and it’s hard to give them up for something unknown.

I have plenty of experience moving- 4 times in Bellingham, down to Eugene and back- but it always stings a bit to say good-bye. I’m glad I won’t have to be doing it alone; my little sisters will provide a pleasant distraction from the reality of my move. And I’m excited to show my mom and step-dad around town.

If you’re near Seattle stop by tomorrow evening for a bbq with my Rainier family. I won’t ask you to pack boxes or load furniture.

I’ll end with some “before” photos:


I'll miss my bedroom.




And my walk-in closet.




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