Living Out of Suitcases

The family came. The family went. And with them, they took a truck-load of my belongings. Including my desk, so I suppose I should temporarily change my blog title to something like “From the Bed of Arikka N. Hall” or floor, or couch or dining room table.

As I expected, they left later than planned and ended up sitting right smack in the middle of Seattle rush-hour traffic. Perhaps not the best start to their visit, but I think all was well once we started grilling. My tiny kitchen was rather crowded, but I loved every second of the madness. Being a one of nine in a split family = familiarity with chaos.

The girls went through my closet and happily took all unwanted clothes off my hands. We went to Doug and Megan’s for darts and scattergories.

In the morning, Mom and Ross made a full breakfast of strawberry waffles, eggs and bacon. After I scrambled to finish packing up things I no longer wanted, we headed downtown to Pike Place Market.

Jaime and I had a caricature of the two of us drawn. 

The girls and I visited the gum wall (adding a new piece, of course).

After we’d had enough of pushing our way through the mob at the market, we ventured back home to load my boxes and furniture into Ross’ truck. It didn’t take long, which is good or they would have had to sit in traffic on their way home too. It all happened so quickly I barely had time to process the change.

Wednesday morning I awoke in my fully-furnished Seattle room, exactly the way it has been since I first moved in. Thursday afternoon, the mattress/boxspring I’m borrowing from Derek for two weeks is sitting directly on the floor and I have only the necessities left. I can see a lot more carpet. My walls are mostly blank. And all my clothes are in suitcases.

It’s eerie; I feel like I’m a visitor in my own house. But it’s going to be like this for a while- I won’t really settle in anywhere for a few months. The next stop is Dad’s house in Puyallup. Then Aunty Sharon’s in Woodstock, Connecticut. Then (hopefully) a place of my own (location TBD).

All these stops along the way give me the opportunity to adjust slowly and spend some time with loved ones, but part of me just wants to get on with it. It’s weird to be living in a transition period for a couple months. I’m still here, in Washington, but my head is focused on the East Coast. I’m excited. And a little scared. But mostly just ready to jump in and see what life has in store for me. Patience has never been my forte.

I have just 9 days left as a Seattle resident and I’m trying to make the most of it. Today I went to the Bite of Seattle with Doug and Mego. Soon I hope to do a sunset kayak tour of Elliot Bay with Derek. And next Sunday, for my birthday, I’m filling the day with fun: hiking, wine tasting and dinner at a new (to me) restaurant.

So cheers to summertime, Seattle and life changes on the way.



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