The Post-Birthday Post

I’ve been meaning to write all week. But I found it so hard to spend time in front of my computer when the weather has been so beautiful and I had merely days left to enjoy Seattle. I hope you’ll understand, my small yet wonderful audience.

So I had a birthday! And if the sweet memories accumulated during the birthday celebrations are any indication of the year to come, then I am in for a truly great year. A quick recap of the weekend:

Saturday- work, shop with Megan and Rebecca, eat an AMAZING sandwich from Jimmy John’s outside picnic-style with the lovely ladies, doll ourselves up, pick up Derek from work, dance party at the Tulalip Casino (sort of a work get-together), M&M mcflurry from McDonald’s for the car ride home

Sunday- no work!, shop (again 🙂 ), eat another sandwich from Jimmy John’s (so good), wine taste with Derek’s parent’s at Chateau St. Michelle, change into my favorite dress, dinner at a pasta bar with Doug, Mego, Rebecca, Chantha and Travis, Dad and Heather and Derek, cupcakes at Mego’s, drinks and pool in Fremont ( I actually did really well– at least for the first game), sleep

Monday-sleep in, lazy/cuddly morning with Derek, eat yet another Jimmy John sandwich (I just love them), work, hang out with Jakey and crew for a bit in Ballard, sleep

So, you see. I’ve been busy. And so so happy. Derek and I never got around to our hike- I overestimated the time we would have on Sunday and staying out til 3 on Saturday put a kink in the plans. But it didn’t matter after all. I had a perfect birthday weekend without it. Derek’s parents are lovely people; I really enjoy their company. And it was nice to have dinner with Dad, Chan and friends. It was all just perfect.

But now, as I come down from my birthday high, I must pack up what’s left of my belongings and move them to my Dad’s house in Puyallup. Derek and I are going to spend the rest of the week in my empty room on an air mattress because we’re not quite ready to leave Seattle (and we have a lot of food to try to finish). And, I’ve decided to give away even more, so we’ll also be driving to Rainier this afternoon to leave it with my mom. It’ll be a busy day. Maybe the busy will keep my mind of the change that is rapidly approaching. I think I’m ready, but I have my fears. And I feel like I have a lot to do to prepare. Let me list, it’ll help me put things in perspective.

Major To-Do’s Before East Coast Move:

-tell current employer that I am leaving mid-September (not looking forward to this talk as they are adding responsibilities to my job in preparation for a promotion)

-secure new employment in Connecticut/Massachusetts/New Hampshire (hey friends, this is the time you might share any connections with  me)

-edit down the quantity of stuff I own to 1 Kia-sized car load (accommodating for my grandpa and his small bag of clothing)

-come to terms with the fact that I will no longer see some of the best people I know on a regular basis (how do you do that!?)

And then there’s a whole lot of little stuff. Like getting new contacts ordered, deep cleaning my car, etc. etc. Eek! I’m taking it one step at a time, which means I have to tell my boss soon. If you have experience with this type of conversation, please share your wisdom.

Darlings, my alarm is going off so I must begin my day. Hip! Hip! for another day of packing and moving.


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