Date Night, Episode One

Since Derek and I both currently live with our parents, and our parents are almost 2 hours away from each other, spending time together is not quite as simple and effortless as it was when he could stay with me in Seattle. We have to plan dates into our busy schedules. Last night we finally got around to an activity that I had been trying to plan for about a month: we did a sunset kayak tour of Elliot Bay.

Neither of us had ever kayaked before. And I actually didn’t even think about any of the possible dangers until we were just about to start and then I got a tiny bit scared.

But we had a great time. I let him drive and I did whatever the person sitting in the front of the kayak is responsible for (splashing while attempting to paddle?). The whole trip was about 2 hours long and we ended near the Alki just as the sun set behind the mountains (which were virtually impossible to see due to Canadian wildfires). I didn’t take a camera, but if I had the photo would’ve looked a lot like this:


We saw a little otter friend and a purple-something bird. And we never tipped over! But somehow even with a raincoat and a splash skirt (cover the kayak hole you sit in so you stay dry) I managed to get pretty wet. The guide had lived in Bellingham and Eugene, which didn’t surprise me too much for someone who makes a living by doing outdoorsy stuff. He told us some interesting (but not quite interesting enough to remember) facts about Seattle and Alki.

We got back to shore just before dark and decided we wanted to extend our time together, so we looked for food. We ate tasty pizza and cake at a restaurant whose name I cannot remember.You know that crunchy, delicious cheese that you get when the cheese from a quesadilla or grilled cheese oozes onto the pan and crisps? Well, this pizza had a layer of that right on top of the pizza! I don’t know how they did that, but oh YUM! The cake was fine, but nothing impressive. It did remind me that I want to make my own chocolate cake from scratch sometime soon- anyone wanna help me eat it?

We were both about an hour from home, and it was getting late-ish, so we ended the date after dessert. It was sad to say goodnight and drive in opposite directions on I5, but it only makes me look forward to our next date that much more.

All in all, I give the date a 9.2 out of 10. It was fun to try a new outdoor activity together and kayaking the Bay was a different way to experience Seattle. I’m trying to fit as many Seattle-esque adventures as possible into my remaining 6ish weeks in the area. If you have any recommendations of things to do, please share.


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