Seven More Sleeps

This time next week I’ll be on my way to a new home. I feel as ready I can hope to be. As I bide my remaining days in Washington, I can’t help but think of my move to Eugene and the similarities and differences it shares with this change.

When I moved to Oregon, I left my friends and family behind to do something for myself. I started fresh in a new town- I made new friends (and great ones, at that), I got a new job and a new apartment. All these things I will do again in Connecticut or Boston or New Hampshire or wherever I settle. However, this time I’m leaving my loved ones much farther away. And I’m not completely alone; I’ll have aunts and uncles, grandma, grandpa and Derek nearby. But I don’t have an easy-to-explain reason for why I’m going. For Oregon, it was school. This time it’s not that simple.

Why am I moving? The shortest answer is because it feels right, although that’s certainly not the most clear response. There are many factors pushing and pulling in my new direction: I’m ready for change; Seattle didn’t offer me a writing job; I want to be closer to my extended family; I want to be closer to Derek; I need a break from immediate family drama; I have no commitments keeping me in Washington. I can’t say that any one reason is more accurate than the other. It’s all those things, and probably more that I can’t even articulate.

My mind is a mess these days as the reality of my move sinks in. Every now and then it hits me, like a pie in the face, that I’m actually going- that everything will be different. It doesn’t seem real. I’ve been planning this big event but, now that it’s here I don’t how to feel or what to do with myself.

I’m scared. I worry that I won’t find a job. Or that I won’t like the East Coast. Or that Derek and I won’t make it. I’m afraid that my homesickness will be unbearable or that I’ll miss too many milestones for the friends and family I’m moving away from. I’m concerned that my expectations are too great or that I’ve romanticized the move.

But I’m also really excited. It’s thrilling to not know exactly what’s in store for me. I feel daring and confident. I survived the move to Eugene and came out stronger for it, so I can only imagine the greatness that will develop from this change, especially since I have so much support.

So, this week I’m taking deep breaths and lots of pictures. Monday, I say good-bye to Seattle with one last sleepover at Doug and Megan’s. Tuesday, my grandpa arrives from Connecticut to be my co-pilot for the drive. Wednesday, I bid farewell to the Tux Shop. In my days off I’ll see little sister Rebecca play volleyball and little sister Jessica cheer, I’ll have dinner with friends and a bbq with family. I’ll fill my heart with as much happiness as possible, store it up for the “What was I thinking?!” days that are surely ahead.

My new beginning is just around the corner, wish me luck.


3 responses to “Seven More Sleeps

  1. christina

    So besides being one of my funniest friends you are also by far one of my strongest friends, one of the most intelligent, hardworking, rational and independent. You have and continue to take great risks and while sometimes you may stumble a little more than those who play it safe, I promise you will reap great reward. That reward may be financial, it may be happiness or love. But it will guaranteed be a great story of an exciting life. You are writing the story of arikka hall and my dear that story is one of courage, of risk and excitement. A story of love and fear. A story I love to read, and that is more than most of us can say. I love youfriend no matter where on this world you are 🙂

  2. christina

    And I typed that from my phone so ignore the grammatical errors, thanks journalism major

  3. Katie


    Number 1, I love reading your blog entries. I know you know this, but you’re a very gifted person with a whole lot of intelligence, creativity and writing talent.. but what comes through the most in your writing, at least to me, is honesty. You’re already writing about an interesting subject, you, but I feel like you could be writing about anything and your voice and your genuine character would make it entirely engaging and unique.
    Number 2… you’re moving soon!! I am very excited for you. It’s always difficult to leave your home for something completely unfamiliar… but before you know it you’ll be settled, meet new friends, start this whole new life for yourself where you have the freedom to follow your interests and your aspirations and learn and change and grow. And I’m not worried at all that it won’t be a good thing for you. You’re the type of person with all the tools to make it, wherever you are and whoever you’re with.
    Haha I’m going to stop before I sound entirely too much like a greeting card.. but I just want you to know that I’m really happy for you and really proud of you and if you ever need anything at all, just let me know. Happy fun and safe travels!
    Love, Katie

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