Day One: 672 miles traveled

So, as it turns out my grandpa’s calculation was off. By about 200 miles. Billings, MT is over 800 miles away from my mom’s house not 600 like I wrote earlier this morning. After 13 hours in the car, we decided to change our reservations and stay in Butte tonight. It means we’ll have to cut our tourism time short tomorrow, but I’m totally fine with that. Here’s a brief recap of today:

7:56am- stopped in Issaquah for breakfast. Grandpa and I both agreed that my oatmeal was better than his pancakes.

10:34am- after I drove about 200 miles, we traded. I don’t know where we were at this point, because most of Eastern Washington looks the same, but we did see a lot of neat windmills.

11:16am- first stop for gas. Nothing interesting to say about that.

12:48pm- around mile 348, we decided to find some lunch. Grandpa felt like a salad from Red Robin, so we looked it up in the GPS and found one in downtown Spokane. When we neared the restaurant, we found that there were no parking spots available, being that it was downtown and required parallel parking. Since it was pouring buckets, we gave up and continued our search for the Dirty Bird farther east. Fortunately we found one less than 10 miles away in Spokane Valley. Food was satisfactory and there was parking aplenty.

Sometime around 2:30pm we passed into Idaho.


Herbie leads the way across the Idaho border


And then about an hour later we crossed into Montana.


We missed the sign, but this is Montana


5:48pm- more gas at mile 545. We lost an hour to Mountain Time, which just made the day feel even longer.

7:30pm- Grandpa decides Billings is too far for tonight (I agree even though he didn’t ask my opinion) and changes our hotel reservation. This is the sunset I was able to photograph from the side of the road while he was on the phone:

7:48pm- we rolled into Pizza Hut for the last meal of the day. Bud Light and cheese pizza hit the spot.

Our hotel was just a block away, which is where I now sit. I’m thinking about sitting in the hot tub for a few before bed. Or maybe just lay down and fall right to sleep. Either way, I’m going to check Gpa’s mileage estimates for the rest of our stops so that we don’t make another 200 mile mistake.

Goodnight my friends, I’ll check in tomorrow.


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