Change of Plans

My grandpa used his GPS to determine the distance between each of our hotels. Yeah, not so reliable this time. Here’s the itinerary he booked:

Rainier, WA- Billings, MT = 800ish miles
Billings, MT- Rapid City, SD = 350ish miles
Rapid City, SD- La Crosse, WI = 640ish miles
La Crosse, WI- New Columbia, PA = 900ish miles
New Columbia, Pa- South Windsor, CT = 300ish miles

After giving up on Billings last night, we knew that 900(!!) miles was too much for one day. So we added another stop to break it up. From here on:

Today: Butte, MT- Rapid City, SD= 550ish miles
Tuesday: Rapid City, SD- La Crosse, WI = 640ish miles (still the same)
Wednesday: La Crosse, WI- South Bend, IN= 375ish miles
Thursday: South Bend, IN- New Columbia, PA= 530ish miles
Friday: New Columbia, PA- South Windsor, CT= 300ish miles

So now we’re get home on Friday afternoon instead of Thursday but the drive should be more manageable. I think it’s more fun this way anyways, adjusting to what we accomplish every day.

On the agenda today- 540 miles (approximately 9 hours of driving), and if there’s time: Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Deadwood

Stay tuned…


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