Day Three: another 648 miles


Wisconsin sunset

I write from four miles inside the Wisconsin line. We drove almost the same mileage as yesterday, but it felt like a much easier day. I guess that’s probably because Grandpa did most of the driving today. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a really difficult time sleeping the last few nights. Gpa pulled more than his weight today and let me sleep in the car. Tonight I’m taking a sleeping pill.


A brief recap of the day:

We forgot to set an alarm last night, so it worked out well that Grandma called at 7am and woke us up. We had a quick breakfast and hit the road at 8:03. I felt like a Starbucks, but the closest one was 150 miles away. I’m hoping I can get one tomorrow morning.

The sky was beautiful, blue with white, puffy clouds. No rain and the temperature stayed in the low 70s all day. At 9:23 we switched over to central time zone. Several hours later we crossed into Minnesota. Just before 7pm, we made it to Wisconsin.

The route today was I-90 the whole way. We saw a lot of cows, sunflowers and even more corn. I’ve been wondering as we pass fields of animals without a house in site, who do they belong to?

Tomorrow, and the rest of the week really, we’ll have shorter days. Tomorrow night we’re staying in South Bend, Indiana-only about 375 miles. If anyone has visited this part of the country, we’re taking recommendations of how to spend our extra hours.

I’ll end with Herb photos, because you know you love him. Goodnight all.


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