Day Four: 384 miles closer

We cut the number of miles traveled almost in half today. Even still, I felt tired all day. I guess the constant driving and lack of sleep is catching up to me. I sleep for at least 9 hours last night and found myself napping often in the car. And then when we got to the hotel, I took another hour long nap. I’m hoping I feel more like myself tomorrow.

Since we had a short day, we slept in a bit today and left the hotel just before 9am. A quick stop at Starbucks (for a pumpkin spice latte) and we were on the road. After about 200 miles of driving, we stopped at Culver’s. Derek recommended it since they serve frozen custard (and everyone that knows me, knows I love ice cream). It was pretty  much like Dairy Queen, in terms of food, but the custard was delish.

At the 314 mile-mark we made it to Indiana. About 30 minutes into the state, the time zone changed to Eastern time. So, West Coast friends, I am now 3 hours ahead of you. Please keep this in mind when drunk dialing.

The speed limit has dropped and the highway patrol presence has increased now that we’re out of cowboy country. We were averaging around 85 mph the first three days, but today was closer to 70. Which means it’s taking longer to get where we’re going, but we’re getting better mileage- so that’s a plus.

We’re in South Bend, IN tonight. I’m not real impressed with the town, and my grandpa is definitely not impressed with the hotel. But it’s no matter, really, because we’ll be leaving pretty early in the morning. Tomorrow we headed to New Columbia, PA and then Friday we’ll finally get to Connecticut. Yay! I can’t wait to unpack and get settled.

Sweet dreams jelly beans.


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