Weekend in Review

I live on the East Coast now! It’s crazy- definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. I feel like I’m on vacation. And I guess I kind of am for the next two weeks: this week- exploring New Hampshire and helping D settle into his apartment; next week- chasing gas balloons from Albuquerque with Katie & Adam. But first, let me fill you in on the last day of the trip and the weekend.

On Friday Grandpa and I left the hotel by 7:30 and drove the remaining 290 miles from New Columbia, PA to South Windsor, CT. A little bit of traffic and some construction work slowed us down a little, but we arrived at G’pa’s home by noon. We were met by my lovely Grandma and their two pups, Sammy and Sadie. They are golden-doodles. And even though they are still puppies, I was wrong in thinking they would be little. They’re so tall! (I didn’t get a picture, sorry, but I will next time I see them). G’ma had an appointment at the hair salon, so she had to run. I napped on the couch for a bit while G’pa unpacked. After Grandma returned home, she showed me her latest sewing projects and newest fabrics (she pretty much has a fabric store downstairs).


my newhome- so cute!


Uncle B was in the area so he came over and I followed him 39 miles to my new home in Woodstock, CT. That puts the total mileage for the trip to 3210 (!!). And it definitely felt that long, too. But all in all, it was a nice trip. I can’t remember a time, ever, when my Gramps and I had the opportunity to spend that much time together. And aside from the incorrect GPS mileage, there really weren’t any problems.

Derek drove to my Aunt and Uncle’s house Friday night- got in around 6:30- and the four of us joined Uncle B’s daughter for Mexican food down the street. It was a nice meal and it was SO good to see Derek, I missed him a little. 🙂

Saturday, my Aunt and Uncle went to the UConn football game. D and I watched their babies (see photos below), did some laundry, napped and ran some errands. It was a gorgeous day, in the high 80s and just windy enough to make the autumn-colored leaves dance on the country roads. I was all smiles.







And then Sunday was my Grandma’s 70th birthday. Aunty Sharon planned a surprise brunch for her, so family and friends gathered to celebrate at one of her favorite restaurants. The surprise aspect worked until my Grandpa couldn’t find our table at the restaurant and we ended up having to shout “Happy Birthday!” to get their attention and keep them from wandering aimlessly. The food was good and the company was great. There was plenty of laughing and story-telling.

After brunch, we went home. I finished unpacking my clothes, only to immediately re-pack for the next two weeks. Since the weather was warm my first two days, but rain and cooler temperatures are expected and I don’t know where the balloon chase will take me, I had a tough time choosing what clothes to bring. I packed at least half my closet- I’ll have to leave a lot of in Hew Hampshire with Derek while I’m gone but at least I should be able to find something for any forecast. 🙂

We got to his apartment yesterday evening, after picking up some groceries to make dinner. He had a lot of reading to do for class today, so I watched a movie by myself and we both ended up falling asleep before 11. His apartment is almost perfect- the kitchen and bathroom are a little small, but his living room and bedroom are quite large. It needs some decorations (that’s where I come in) but he did a great job picking it out. And the neighborhood is cute; it reminds me of where I lived in Eugene.

He has a long day on campus today, so I did a little walking around this morning. And I’m currently sitting at a nearby coffee shop because he doesn’t have internet yet. It’s drizzly outside, though, so I won’t do as much exploring as I planned. Tonight or tomorrow, we’re going shopping for apartment stuff and costumes for a Wild West themed murder mystery party we were invited to this weekend. Wednesday he has a short school day, so I’m gonna go with him to campus to check it out. Thursday and Friday, we’ll explore and cook and watch movies and just enjoy each other. I think it’s going to be a great week.

And then a week from today I’m headed to New Mexico for a Balloon Adventure- more on that next time.

Missing you all but loving my new life so far,



3 responses to “Weekend in Review

  1. Erin

    I’m glad you made it over. Can’t wait to see/hear where you end up planting your roots. Love you!

    • arikkahall

      Once I’m settled you should come visit. Love you too!

      • Erin

        I’ve actually already looked at tickets just to get an idea of the price. 🙂 I would love to make it happen, but it looks like I’m already going to Europe and Hawaii next year, and I’m not sure I can financially fit the third trip in, but you never know…

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