My Man is 31!

Yesterday was Derek’s birthday. He’s not much a birthday-celebrator, but we managed to have quite a nice day anyways. We started the day on campus (he had a few meetings) and then went shopping (he did- not me!). I helped pick out some very sharp “professor” clothes at great prices (coat sale at Old Navy= crazy good deals). Then we took a wonderfully long nap, I made him pad thai and birthday brownies and around 8:30 we met up with some of his phD classmates for a pub crawl.

I put the candles in before the brownies had cooled and they sort of melted 😦

In preparation of his upcoming birthday, I spent a day last week with my Grandma making Derek’s birthday presents. I did such a great job of keeping them a secret- until I got to NH. I caved and gave them to him on Wednesday.

birthday blanket

birthday pillow

Grandma and I had some extra fabric, and we were feeling silly after a day of crafting, so we ended up making a sleeping bag and pillow for Herbert too. They both love their gifts.

I think it was a pretty perfect day for both of us. I enjoyed getting to know some of his new friends without the pressure of a Wild West murder mystery. I think they are very nice and I know Derek felt special having a group celebrate his special day. And I got to have a night out in Dover.

We followed a great day with a lazy morning, crepes for lunch and now he’s catching up on the reading he ignored yesterday while I watch Sex and the City. Another lovely day. The weekend could only be better if you all were here to celebrate with us.

Miss you,



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