I’ve Missed You Tillamook

I got a care package from my mom yesterday. Inside I found wrapped presents and my childhood stocking to put them in, some chocolates, school photos of my gorgeous little sisters and some money to help out while I continue looking for a job. But I was most excited about the bricks of Tillamook cheese she sent! Before moving I just assumed that Tillamook was a big enough, good enough company that you could buy it nationwide. I was wrong. And oh how I’ve missed it.

I think I’m adjusting fairly well to a new side of the country- at least to the big things. I’m learning the new roads and complicated freeway systems. I’m holding up to the colder winter temps. I’m familiarizing myself with new laws like winter street-parking bans and the fact that you can’t buy wine with your groceries. But there are some little things I miss dearly. Things I didn’t give much thought to when I considered moving. Or I knew it would be hard to come by them on the East Coast but I didn’t know how much that would bother me. Things like:

-Pike/Ninkasi/Pyramid/Elysian microbrews (Mostly they just have Sam Adams on tap. It does not compare.)

-Having a Starbucks closer than a 45 minute drive (Although it’s probably best for my budget that the expensive coffee drinks are a little further out of reach.)

-Safeway and QFC (We have Stop-and-Shop and Price Chopper and I don’t love either.)

-Rain (Yeah, I actually miss it. It has only rained significantly twice since I’ve been here. I feel like something is wrong.)

-Movie Theaters (Like Starbucks, the closest ones are about 45 minutes away. I guess people don’t watch movies in Connecticut?)

-Jimmy John’s (I looked online before moving and learned that there were no stores nearby my Aunt’s or by Derek’s. I almost considered staying in Seattle just for the sandwiches.)

So, when I visit home I plan to double-fist a Kilt Lifter and a non-fat vanilla latte to wash down my veggie sandwich while walking in the rain to Safeway to buy groceries (and wine) for dinner after taking in a movie. I will over indulge in all the things I  miss about Washington. For now, I will savor the deliciousness that is Tillamook cheese.

Thank you Mom. You’re the best!


6 responses to “I’ve Missed You Tillamook

  1. I miss most of those things as well, even when I was living in E. Washington I missed the cover of clouds and light sprinkles. What is amazing here in Korea though is that the Costco in Seoul stocks Tillamook cheese! Mind you, Costco is more than an hour away and my friends and I have gone to Costco for the sole purpose of getting 20 pounds of cheddar to stock up because Koreans believe that kimchi is the only thing that needs to be fermented.

    As far as beer goes here, don’t even complain about your lack of selection in CT. Here they have a crappy version of Coors, an even worse kind of Bud, and something dark that I’ve never had the misfortune of drinking back home.

    • arikkahall

      I haven’t checked Costco yet. But if you can get it in Korea, then maybe I can get it in Connecticut?! Problem is, I don’t even know if there is a Costco in Connecticut.

      But do you really even like beer that much? I’d go with the something dark if I was in your place.

      • Jeff

        I learned many things while I was in Europe. The biggest one is to appreciate beer. The ‘something dark’ is a good one but it has a somewhat dirty flavor. I dunno how to really describe it other than that. maybe gritty? How about not as smooth as a Guinness, though it seems to be modeled after Guinness. The Korean drink is soju which is cheaper than bottled water and tastes like bad vodka. Works best with Juice mixers. There are a couple of imported beers but its pricey.

  2. Mego

    I think you missed a word or two. What is it that you can’t buy with your groceries? Miss you dreadfully. Any decision on January trip?

    • arikkahall

      Oops… wine. You can’t buy wine in groceries stores. January trip is probably not going to work out, but no final decision yet. Call me soon so I can help with grad school stuff before your deadlines.

  3. Erin

    This post is adorable. I thought tillamook was national too…

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