My Thoughts On Snow

There has been talk by the local weather people that Connecticut could get some serious snow in the next week. I think the biggest storm is too far out to sea to affect us, so the greatest concern is gone. But there are a few more chances we’ll be under a blanket of white for Christmas.

And while I realize that snow can be a little annoying- messing up travel plans, requiring manual labor to shovel or blow it, etc.- I can’t help but get excited every time it’s predicted. Maybe I’m still a kid. Or maybe it’s because snow was a rarity in my Pacific Northwest childhood. Whatever the reason, I love snow just as much now as I did in elementary school when it meant no school and, instead, we could play outside all day. I think it’s beautiful and serene. I love how my corner of the world looks and feels so much quieter and slower when covered in snow. And it’s fun to play in. I still like sledding and snow angels but now I also love skiing. To me, snow makes winter seem real and present.

I don’t need to have snow all the time. I think that would ruin its special quality. But I do hope that Connecticut sees a few snowfalls this winter. As long as a storm doesn’t keep Derek from coming to see me tomorrow, I say “Let it snow!!”

Dec. 21st Update: Fish, fish I got my wish! It started snowing last night and the flurries are still floating in the air. And Derek came down a day early so no matter how much it snows, it won’t keep him from me.


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