Merry Christmas to Me!

I got the best Christmas present I could imagine today: a job!!! Yup, I’m no longer unemployed. And the offer came just in time for me to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales to supplement my wardrobe and start buying the things I’ll need (or want) when I get my own apartment.

The scoop:

I’m the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for iPROMOTEu, a company that offers administrative support to distributors of promotional products. So it’s a very niche market- but that’s ok. I’m essentially in charge of all the marketing efforts. And since I’m the only staff member in the marketing department, it makes me the head of the department by default.

It’s pretty much in Framingham, MA which is 20 miles west of Boston. So that means something like an hour and half commute from my Aunt’s house until I decide where I want to live. It’s a salaried position and comes with all the benefits I could expect. And I start on Monday!!

Some of the things I’ll do in this role:

-write/edit all their copy: newsletters, brochures, press releases, articles for print publication, etc.

-create and manage social media usage

-maintain their company website

-collaborate on advertising campaigns

And a bunch of other stuff that I think is cool. So I’m beyond excited. And so so relieved that I scored a job before running out of money and turning into a beggar.The only negative side is that this means I won’t be coming back to Washington to visit in January. But I’m sure you all understand.

Here’s to the start of a happy, happy Christmas weekend! Love to everyone!


One response to “Merry Christmas to Me!

  1. christina

    So excited for you. It sounds like its right up your alley. Love you!!!!!

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