Happy Two Year!

For Derek and I, last night wasn’t just about ringing in 2011. I was our second anniversary too! Due to low funds and distant friends, there was no huge party or elaborate celebration. But I had a fabulous night.

My Aunt & Uncle took us out to a nearby wine bar for dinner. Chef Mike, who (like most of the waitstaff) we know by name, put together a four-course dinner menu for the night. He was thoughtful enough to offer a vegetarian option for each course. I started with a salad, followed by a cheese plate, then the most delicious, couldn’t-eat-enough-of-it asparagus and potato au gratin and the meal finished with a dessert of strawberries and a champagne toast. My Aunt and I had the same dishes and we both agreed that the potato/asparagus was the best thing ever. She told Mike that she’d divorce Uncle B so that he could make it for her every night.

When we got home, Derek and I played Wii for a little bit before joining my Aunt & Uncle in the TV room to watch the ball drop. I’m not used to working (at all, let alone a job that requires me to be awake in the 5 o’clock hour) so I barely managed to stay up til midnight (and I felt really lame about it to0). But I did stay up. We “Happy New Year!!”ed and kissed and then I crawled into bed and fell right to sleep.

The night had everything I required for a New Year’s Eve/Anniversary celebration: I wore heels, there was champagne and a “Happy New Year” crown, and I was with my handsome man. And as a bonus I had my Aunt and Uncle too.

My Resolutions for 2011:

  • floss regularly (you’re such a good example Rebecca, but I just can’t make the habit stick)
  • find a work-out plan that makes me happy and healthier (I’m looking at you hot yoga) and then stick to it (that’s the hard part)
  • replace TV-watching with book reading a couple times a week (might not be a problem once I move out of my Aunt’s house and can’t afford cable)

I hope you had a great time welcoming the New Year. More on the new job next time.



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