Work, Week 1

I mentioned in an0ther post that my first day of work was postponed due to weather. So I only worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week (the office was closed Friday for the holiday). I was grateful for the short week- things were a bit hectic.

The President of the company decided to hire me in the afternoon before the company closed for Christmas so most of new hire stuff wasn’t taken care of when I started Tuesday morning. I didn’t have a workspace or a computer until Thursday. Fortunately, a colleague (the one who will do most of my training) let me borrow her personal laptop and set me up in an empty cubicle. And then there was confusion among the people I’ll be working with most often about what responsibilities would fall to me. For the two days, I was being given graphic design work- tasks that I’m not qualified for (and never claimed to be). I was silently freaking out- thinking that I was in over my head and wondering how I ever got a graphic design job. But the same lady who loaned me her computer, stepped in and cleared up the confusion. And reminded me that it was ok that I didn’t know graphic design- I was hired to do marketing and my writing strength was what got me the job. Whew…  I’m glad that all got sorted out.

So Thursday was the first day I felt like I was starting to settle in. I got my desk and starting brainstorming some ad campaign ideas. I didn’t realize how much creative juice this job is going to take. But as far as I can tell, I’m going to enjoy my work. There are a lot of projects to juggle which will give me the option to change up my work days and keep things from getting monotonous.

I’m looking forward to starting this week- with my desk set up and expectations about my contributions to the company clarified. As I predicted, there are plenty of things to learn about the company and the industry, but I’m ready.

Not so ready to be waking up between 5 and 5:30 am every morning for my long commute, but I’m very thankful to have a job. Happy 2011 my friends! I think it’s going to be a great year for me.


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