Snow Day!

No work today(!)- New England is in the midst of a blizzard. Snow starting falling early this morning (maybe like 3am. I don’t know; I was sleeping) and hasn’t stopped yet. We’ve got over a foot at Aunty S & Uncle B’s. Closer to 18 inches by my work. Before I left the office yesterday, it was decided that I would work from home today rather than try to drive into Massachusetts during the storm. I’ll definitely do some work, but it feels SOOO good to have some relaxation time.

I got in a good workout this morning; I haven’t been doing much exercising lately since my day is about 12 hours from when I leave the house in the  morning to when I get home at night. I pretty much just have time to eat, shower, maybe talk to Derek and then go to bed. I’m going to try getting up earlier so I can work-out in the morning, but I have a feeling that is going to be a challenge since I’m already getting up at 5:30. I anticipate having more of a life (and a better exercise routine) once I find an apartment closer to work.

Now I’m sipping tea and watching S&TC extended cut (a Christmas gift from Aunty Sharon that I haven’t gotten around to watching yet). I’ll probably do some more apartment hunting later. And I’m cooking up homemade veggie burgers for dinner. It’s going to be a great day! Even though travel is difficult, the wind is blowing and the temperature is freezing- I still think it’s absolutely beautiful.

I’ll try to write more regularly once I get used to my new, girl-with-a-job schedule. Until then, I only have the time and energy on weekends and unexpected days off. I’ll probably post the burgers I make later today (to make up for the many What’s Cooking Wednesdays I’ve ignored). Hope you’re all enjoying your day- miss you all and my beloved PNW!
















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