Tomorrow I’ll be a Massachusetts Resident

So here it is. Yet another blog post about moving day. I think this is the third one since I started blogging in July. Let me tell you, moving three times in six months is not the most fun I’ve ever had. But I plan to have a lot of fun furnishing and beautifying my very own apartment and I’ll share my successes with you along the way. I’ve been reading a ton of decorating blogs lately and I’m about to burst with ideas for the 480 square feet I’m about to move in to. I spent the entire hour+ drive home from work last night daydreaming about how I’m going to arrange my living room.

As I write this, Derek is en route to my Grandparent’s house to load up my inherited couch and bring it to Aunt & Uncle’s in Woodstock. Tomorrow morning the four of us will pack up the vehicles and drive an hour to my new home in Marlborough. Grandma and Grandpa are meeting us there to unload. I think it’s going to be a quick and easy move- I don’t have much stuff and there will be six people. And then I’ll have the remainder of the weekend to shop for essentials (and maybe a few non-essentials), unpack and settle in.

I’ll take some pictures to share so you all can see my new place. It’s going to take a few months to acquire all the things necessary to make it perfect, but I’ll share the bare-bones apartment with you now.

I’m SO looking forward to living closer to work. It’s going to be wonderful. And I’ll have time to do things besides work, eat, shower and sleep.

Wish I could have everyone over for a house-warming party. But I’ll settle for hosting you all individually when you get a chance to come to the East Coast.




One response to “Tomorrow I’ll be a Massachusetts Resident

  1. Erin

    Yay! I cannot wait to visit someday!

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