All Moved In

Welcome to my new apartment! Let me give you a quick tour. (Remember: it’s not cute yet. I just moved in two days ago. The decor still has a long way to go.)


The living room/dining room. Yep, Derek is holding a Minnie doll. 🙂

The kitchen. Thanks Mom/Grandma & Grandpa/Aunty Sharon & Uncle B for all the great kitchen stuff you gave me.

El baño. Excuse the avocado green bathtub- I'm still looking for a stylish shower curtain to hide that.

My bedroom! The saddest room of all right now because I don't have my bed or dresser yet. But I'm making due with an air mattress and suitcase storage.

So… it’s coming along. My family unpacked my kitchen stuff and helped set-up my living room before they went home Saturday. That left me with the bedroom and bathroom to unpack and organize, which wasn’t a big deal. I still need a few bigger pieces of furniture (bookshelf, entry-way table, etc.) but the space is totally livable right now.

The worst thing about the apartment is that I don’t get any cell phone reception. Sometimes a text message can find it’s way through, but I definitely can’t make or receive calls. I’m brainstorming solutions, but until then don’t be offended if I miss your call and never return it. If you don’t leave a message (voice or text) I’ll never know you tried to call me. My internet should be working tomorrow so email/Facebook/blog comments are probably the best ways to reach me for the time being.




3 responses to “All Moved In

  1. christina

    Get a mini cell tower through your cell provider or check best buy, I hear they work great and I will be purchasing one shortly. It’s adorable by the way, I’m so happy for you!

    • arikkahall

      Yeah, I looked into it. It’s going to cost me like $250 which is really annoying but it may be the best solution. Let me know if you find anything cheaper when you buy one.

  2. Erin

    So excited for you girls both moving into new places!It’s adorable, Arikka, and I bet it feels great to have a place all to yourself. That’s a bummer about the cell phone service, but at least it sounds like there is a solution. Love you! Text me your new address sometime. I’m trying to get in the habit of sending more snail mail. It just feels good.

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