Belated Weekend Recap

Last weekend was wonderful and fabulous and perfect. I can’t believe I forgot to write about it. Hey- it’s not just my fault, you didn’t ask…

Saturday morning started with a trip to the post office. Mom sent me a Valentine’s care package complete with chocolate (!) and Tillamook cheese (!!). Then I drove to Boston to meet up with Katie and her friends Sarah and Kari. We took a train into the downtown area and had a delicious lunch at the first open restaurant we could find (ladies were hungry). After that we did a little walking, a little shopping and indulged in girl talk.

The best part of the little trip, though, was the dueling piano bar we went to for dinner, drinks and dancing. I ended up leaving fairly early in the night, but even the few hours I was there, I had a blast. Katie and I got there right as the place opened for the night so we had the best seat in the house. There were some good drink specials and the pianists were awesome. Seriously, so good. I definitely want to go back again soon.

Have I told you lately that I love Boston? Well I do. And this little trip only made me want to visit more often. It’s only 40 minutes from my house! That’s not far at all.

Anyways… the reason I left the piano bar early was because I was driving to NH to see Derek. I got in around 10pm and you know what Derek did? He baked cookies for my arrival! Sometimes he’s just so sweet. We cuddled on the couch until I fell asleep (which probably wasn’t long).

On Sunday, we spent the whole day together. We shopped; I was looking for a table to put in my entry way (no luck). We ate; He took me to Redhook for a little date. And we watched a movie; Salt- I fell asleep before it was over.

I was a happy happy girl as I went to bed, content with my perfect weekend. At least until my alarm went off at 5am Monday morning and I realized I would have to spend five days at work until I could have another amazing weekend. But that’s life.

Until next time,



One response to “Belated Weekend Recap

  1. Mego

    Glad you had such an awesome weekend after feeling down for a bit. I’ve found this is life, somedays are great. Some are just ones to get through. Hope things are on the upward swing for you. Miss you

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