Now How Will I Find My Car?

My little Kia has undergone a major transformation.



There were only a few tears involved. But I guess I’m officially a Massachusetts resident now? Boo. I mean Mass is treating me just fine, but I still feel like a Washington girl at heart. And now Scrappy—that’s my car’s name—has been stripped of the one thing that signaled to others that I come from a place with less snow and better beer. And I lost the identifier that helps me locate my car when I forget where I park. But it’s done and there’s no use looking back. And now I have the brightest, cleanest, sparkly-est license plate in the lot. At least until the next storm.

In other news, I had a lovely weekend with Derek.


  • A half-day on Friday meant the weekend started early
  • Derek did all my laundry for me before I got home from work Friday
  • Donuts for breakfast
  • A Saturday adventure in Boston. We tried a restaurant that has 120 beer taps and hundreds more in bottles. We went because their beer menu said they had Kilt Lifter but it was sold out. No matter, it was still a nice date.
  • Baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and watching a whole season of 30 Rock via Netflix

It was a great weekend. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Happy Monday and (almost) Happy March,



One response to “Now How Will I Find My Car?

  1. Mego

    Sounds awesome. I proud of you, and really enjoyed seeing your work stuff. Just sent you my essay again. Yuck. I’ve been thinking about grad school a lot and the more I seriously think about it, I think that I want to go to New Orleans. I’m ready for an adventure and I’m not near as scared with Doug as my side. I think it could be good. We’ll see. Last application, due in a month!

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