A Germ Ball With a Ponytail

I only worked half of this week. The rest of the time I was here:

watching 30 Rock and popping Vitamin C pills like they were Robin Eggs. I had a cold. And it was not fun. Especially because Derek did an awesome job taking care of me on Sunday and then the rest of the week I was all alone and I had to take care of myself.

But yesterday afternoon I realized I was starting to feel  better because I no longer wanted to be on the couch. Or even in my apartment. I had had enough and I was bored. My cough is lingering, but mostly, I’m just fine now. And the best news is… it’s already Friday. The week flies by when you sleep through it.

Derek will be with me this weekend—and part of next week too since he’s on Spring Break. No big plans tomorrow, but I made him promise to get me out of my apartment for part of the day. And at lunch a co-worker invited us to the Boston Museum of Science, so that could turn into a good plan. Sunday I invited my family over for dinner. Derek is the only person who has been in my apartment since move-in day so I thought it would be nice to have company. And I miss spending time with Aunty Sharon, Uncle B and the grandparents. It promises to be a great weekend! And I may even get a pet!!

What do you have planned? If you’re not busy Sunday, come over for dinner. We might play Balderdash or Skip-Bo. And I’m a great cook. You don’t want to miss it.




2 responses to “A Germ Ball With a Ponytail

  1. Mego

    Man I want to come over for dinner!! Also, did you get a Macbook?? You’ve been so great will all the editing. We’re almost done…Miss you

    • arikkahall

      Come on over! (We wish). Nope, that’s my green laptop–the color just doesn’t show right in the photo. Can’t wait to hear back from the schools. 🙂

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