She’s Gone

I dropped Rebecca off at the airport this afternoon after just 4 short days together. We packed a lot into the visit, so I’ll try to share the details without making this post too long.

I picked her up later than expected on Saturday because of a delayed flight. Now that I’m trying to write what we did, I can’t remember. So I think we just talked until we fell asleep.

Sunday morning we woke up 40 minutes later than we intended and got a bit of a late start. We were on the road, headed to Newport, Rhode Island sometime during the 11 o’clock hour (I think). The drive was about an hour and half and we had beautiful weather. Sunny and a little windy. Rebecca picked a historic mansion to tour from some travel guides I found before her visit and that’s where we headed first. I didn’t think I’d be into it, but I’m really glad we went. The home we visited was owned by the Vanderbilts and built in 1893. The mansion is still gorgeous, well-maintained and lavish. We couldn’t take any pictures inside, but here’s a few of the exterior and the lawn:















After the tour, we walked a little bit of the Cliff Walk. It’s a 3.5 mile trail along the ocean. The sunshine made for a lovely views.

And then it was lunchtime. We moved the car to the downtown area and walked until we found a suitable restaurant. We happened upon a place called The Red Parrot and they were having a special for Newport Restaurant Week that included three courses for $16. It was perfect, especially since the first course had a martini option (which we both chose). I had pasta, Rebecca had a tuna wrap with a side of clam chowder and then we both had dessert. Mmm, it was so good.

That left us a little time for shopping before we had to meet up with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents for dinner in Connecticut at 6:30. Dinner was fabulous. The food was great and the company was better. We were definitely the obnoxious group in the restaurant that were laughing and talking ridiculously loud. After the meal, I took Rebecca to my Aunt’s house so she could see my old room. We chatted with my Aunt & Uncle for a bit, got some advice and directions for New York City the next day and then left for my grandparent’s house where we slept.

Monday morning we were running late again. But this time for a better reason. We were up on time, but enjoyed breakfast with my grandparents too much to leave when planned. By 10am we were into our 2.5 hour drive to NYC. Following my Aunt’s directions was a breeze until we got right into the heart of Manhattan. After spending an hour circling the blocks and having no luck finding the hotel we wanted to park at, Rebecca called Luke and we got the cross streets of the hotel. Turns out I had mixed up the street address and we were 20 blocks from where we needed to be. Eventually, around 1, we pulled in and parked the car.

We had reserved spots on a Sex and the City tour at 3 so that gave us about an hour and half to check out Central Park before meeting the tour group. We got some food from a street vendor and it was awful. Rebecca’s empanada was cold and he gave her spinach instead of chicken. My pretzel was burnt and dry because he didn’t have cheese. But whatever- we were in the City.

The S&TC tour was a lot of fun. It was just over 3 hours and took us through several New York neighborhoods. We saw a ton of places where the show was filmed. I think it’ll be really cool to re-watch the series and know that I’ve seen so many of the spots. After the tour, we did some shopping in and around Times Square and picked up the car around 8. Somehow I managed to stay awake for the almost 4 hour drive home and we were very tired girls as we crawled into our beds.

Yesterday was Boston day. Rebecca wanted to see the aquarium, so after picking up discount tickets at the library, we were on our way. It took a bit to find parking and then we took the bus/subway to the aquarium. Since we weren’t on any kind of a schedule, we shopped and ate at Quincy Market first, which was a lot of fun. Rebecca had a lobster roll and I had pad thai. You could eat anything you wanted at that place–they have every sort of vendor imaginable.

Next up: the aquarium. It was smaller than we though it’d be, but we had a great time. The penguins were super cute and so was the giant turtle. And there were a lot of fish.















It was pouring when we left the aquarium–which we expected at some point during the day–and the weather confirmed our decision to go shopping at a mall near my apartment rather than the shops in Boston. We got drenched running through the rain to the subway, but the rain stopped shortly after, and we were dry and ready to spend money by the time we got the mall.

I’d been saving money and scouting clothes online for a few months before Rebecca’s visit so I knew what I was looking for and had the money I needed to buy it. And, for me, that usually means I’ll have a hard time finding things I like once I’m shopping. It was a slow start, but I ended up buying several pieces that I’m very happy with. Rebecca didn’t buy as much because she didn’t have a lot space in her suitcase. But we both counted the shopping trip a success.

We ended the night we with an array of appetizers for dinner, wine and a romantic comedy. It was like we were roomies again. And I loved it.

This morning we woke up when we were ready, watched a little S&TC and then hit Old Navy (40% off sale = super good deals) before I took her the airport. It was a quick goodbye and I miss her already. It’s hard having your best friend live more than 3,000 miles away. But I’m so thankful she was able to make the trip out here to see me. I had a such a great time with her and I can’t wait to see her again (hopefully this summer).

Rebecca, I love you. Thanks for everything dollface. Miss you bunches!


2 responses to “She’s Gone

  1. easylifestyles

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time traveling with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

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  2. Erin

    Everything about this sounds wonderful… except perhaps the bad street food. hehe. Glad you girls got to spend time some time together!

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