Awkward and Awesome Thursday

One of my favorite style blogs does a weekly Awkward/Awesome post on Thursdays. I have plenty of awkward and awesome moments throughout my week, so I’m gonna try it out. No promises that I’ll do it every week but here goes:


-Forgetting that I plugged my earbuds into the computer, not my iPod, and yanking them out of ears and the computer simultaneously when I stand up.

-Another earbud awkward: putting them in with the intent to starting listening to music. Getting distracted by another project and realizing thirty minutes (or more) later that I still haven’t turned on Pandora yet and I have my earbuds in for no reason.

-Hearing my office mate’s phone ring and almost answering my (not ringing) phone.

-Returning a DVD to the library. Then getting a call saying that the disc was missing. Yep, it was still in my computer.

-The fish bowl I’ve been displaying by my front door for weeks without a fish in it. Should be getting my little friend this weekend though.


-My boyfriend.

-Loving my new bedroom furniture so much that sometimes I walk in and turn on the light just to admire it one more time.

-The show Greek. It’s my latest Netflix guilty-pleasure.

-Getting a compliment on a new hairstyle I tried out. A new hairstyle that takes considerably less time to do in the morning than straightening my hair which means I can sleep later and look nicer. Winning.

-The book Sh*t My Dad Says. So funny- I couldn’t stop interrupting Derek’s studying last weekend to read him parts of it.

-Finding out that the April print ads I designed pulled in 4 hot prospects just days after running. And then referring to myself as Super Marketing Woman (actually, that might be more awkward than awesome.)

-Arnold Palmer’s (1/2 lemonade, 1/2 iced tea). Yum.

-Helping my little sis rock her mock interview with my resume revamping skills. Love you Jessie.


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