Another Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday! I’ve done another (shorter) Awkward/Awesome post and I could use your opinion: do you like this as weekly post? Should I keep at it? Or do you wanna hear about something else? Suggestions would be helpful.

No photos this time. It’s hard to post photos without a camera–every picture you see is either old or taken with my phone. I think I’m officially putting one of these on my wish-list. But until then, you’ll have to deal with word-only posts. Hope you’re ok with that.


-Those few moments I’m standing in the dark in the work bathroom before the light sensor realizes I’m there.

-Noticing how model-esque my hair looks as it blows in the wind, only to have dirt blow right in my eyeball. I don’t look so model-like with teary, red eyes.

-Sneezing after applying mascara.


-Today’s sunshine. Maybe spring has finally found New England.

-A new haircut. A great new haircut, actually. My new stylist (I can call her that because already booked my next appointment) did a great job. It’s nothing drastic, in fact most people probably won’t even notice the difference, but the strange layers have been blended and she evened out the length (embarrassingly, the left side was an inch longer than the right).

-Spending my lunch hour out-of-the-office browsing the sale racks at Kohl’s. I was good though; I didn’t try on or buy a single thing.


3 responses to “Another Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  1. Erin

    Ha. I think these posts are cute… but it also just reminds me of how frustrated you would get with Jeremy for improper use of the word awkward. That seems like forever ago.

    • arikkahall

      I know, I thought of how I hated that too. I kinda irritate myself when I list things that aren’t actually awkward, but more annoying or something. I guess I could change the name…

  2. Mego

    I love the posts. As I was reading this one I actually found myself looking for the “like” button. Stupid facebook. I love reading about your life and all the details. Can’t wait to see you!!

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