Over the (Easter) Weekend

I wish that I would have taken Friday off as a floating holiday–like 1/2 my office did. But I didn’t. Instead, I watched the minutes tick by until the weekend finally came. When I got home from work, Derek was already at my apartment. We did a little shopping (I needed an Easter dress) and then had Chinese food for dinner. I watched Greek on Netflix while he worked on a paper that he has to turn in today.

Saturday morning I went to a 90 minute hot yoga session. I think the only yoga class I’ve been to was during my junior year at Western, but since I’ve done a lot of yoga at home, I thought I’d be able to handle it. And I guess I did ok for my first time, although it was not fun or easy. I had to sit down a few times because I was feeling dizzy and/or nauseous, but I think that’s pretty normal (unfortunately). I have a year to use the remaining 9 classes I bought, and I’ll definitely be able to do that. In fact, I’m going to try to go once  a week.

It started raining on my drive home, so I stopped at the grocery store on my way back and then spend the rest of the day inside. Derek was still working on his paper, so I watched some TV, napped, read, cooked a veggie pot pie for dinner and made guacamole rice salad to bring to Easter brunch (per my Gma’s request). I was a little cranky because the hot yoga kicked my butt, but after eating some of the delicious pot pie, I calmed down. It ended up being a really relaxing afternoon and evening.

Sunday morning D and I got up early (for a weekend) and headed to my Grandma’s for Easter brunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my Grandpa and Uncle were able to pick up my great Grandma from her assisted living home so that she could spend the afternoon with us. It was a relatively quiet, but tasty, meal. The company was great, as always. Unlike Easter’s past, there were no Easter baskets, egg hunts or pudding shots. But I didn’t really mind.

We got back to my apartment around 4 and promptly took a nap to sleep off the food comas. And then we woke up so that we could move to the couch and cuddle while we watched TV. At Rebecca’s recommendation, we started watching Better Off Ted. That show is hilarious! You should watch it.

Like every Monday morning, this one came too soon. But I had a lovely weekend with D and my family. And in just 4 and 1/2 days, it’ll be the weekend again. How was your Easter? Mego- I heard that you hosted your family, how did that go?




One response to “Over the (Easter) Weekend

  1. Mego

    Oh man I miss those pudding shots and easter egg hunts. Good times! My Easter was quiet and fun. My dad thought he was moving to MD (girlfriend troubles) so he brought Tess and John down to hang out. He’s not moving, but it was still nice to hang out. Doug had the day off, we watched a movie, played darts, and made dinner together. I was very proud to be hosting a get together in our apartment. I spent all Saturday cleaning and I think it showed. Feeling more like a grown-up everyday! : )

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