I Thought Today Was Thursday

But that’s ok because Friday is Fun Friday at work so we’re leaving the office at 2:30 to see a movie and then I don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday! Woohoo for long weekends!

So in my last post I said that Derek was done with his first year of PhD program. And that explains why it’s been so long since I’ve updated. He gets to spend more time with me now that he doesn’t have to be on campus for classes or teaching. It’s nice. And the weather has been warmer- we even got a couple days of sun- so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. We’ve been frisbee-ing, playing tennis and going for walks after dinner. I like this so much more than my usual after-work routine which usually involves eating alone and then watching too much TV.

The other perk is that he’s home to get dinner started before I get back from work. I feel super spoiled. Last night he had a glass of wine poured and was just pulling dinner out of the oven when I walked in the door. And he offered to do dishes- but I would have guilty if I agreed. I could really get used to this… 🙂

Over the weekend Derek and I walked around Walden Pond. I had no idea I lived so close to something that cool. It’s like 25 minutes away. We’re guessing it’s probably like 3ish miles around so it made for a nice walk. Although the path is really narrow and it was a little buggy. But I think bugs are just part of the summer here in Massachusetts.

For the upcoming long weekend, I’m going to try to convince Derek to spend a day in Boston. We’ve been trying to plan a double date with a girl I work with and her boyfriend, so maybe that will work out. And then on Sunday we’re going to my Aunt & Uncle’s for the night. I guess there is a car race of some sort. It’s a little out of the ordinary for us, but we’re giving it a try. Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can be outside.

What have you been up to? I hope the Pacific Northwest is getting some beautiful weather. I miss it (and you guys) so much!


3 responses to “I Thought Today Was Thursday

  1. Erin

    It looks like November outside right now… all that is missing is a fall-spectrum of leaves. I seriously thought twice about making a pumpkin spice latte at work yesterday… My life is pretty uninteresting right now… a lot of work. However, I’m getting to work more hotline shifts, so I (sort of) feel like a real cook. Hope I get to see you when you’re in the area this summer!

    • arikkahall

      We just came out a two(ish)-week period where the weather felt like October or November instead of May, so I’m definitely appreciating the sun. I don’t know much (or anything really) about your industry, but I’m happy you’re getting to cook. Just wish I could be there to eat some of it. Is the hotline a coveted shift?

      I’d love love love to see you! Any chance you can take a day or two off and make the trek up to Seattle? I doubt I’ll have time to go to Portland since it’s a short trip and I have lots of family to see.

  2. Erin

    Hotline just means the people who are actually cooking. I started on pantry where I made salads and desserts… Then I moved to the oven station which is pizzas and a couple other dishes. It does not do nearly the volume that the hotline does. The hotline is usually three or four people, and they do all the sauteed and grilled entrees. So I can finally say I’m a line cook now…

    I am getting to see some of my dad’s family in June, but I’m also due for a Mom visit, so maybe I’ll try to work out something while you are in the area. 🙂 It’s tricky with work. I would definitely love to come out to your area sometime in fall or winter though!

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