My big brother and this lovely lady are engaged! Woot woot! I’ve always wanted to have a 6th sister. Love you both.


Finding My Groove

I’m past the newness of my Big Move—I’m kinda settled into my job and my apartment. And while I still have dreams for where my life might take me, I think I’m going to be in this stage for a little while. So now that everything’s not so new, I want to create a happier life for myself. I miss my friends and family in the PNW dearly, but a move back is not on the horizon. It’s time for me to stop reminiscing about all the things I love about Seattle and start feeling at home here in Massachusetts.

I’m starting to make some friends at work. There are some really great people at my office and I’m thankful to have some people I can talk to when things get stressful. Like when my boss fires his newly-hired assistant and I have to pick up what should have been her work-load. It feels good to have a growing support system.

I’m also taking better care of myself. It started when Derek was down for an extended visit (he’s back in NH for a week now). I ate better because he was cooking better meals. We were getting outside more—walking, playing tennis and Frisbee. And I was watching less TV because I had someone to talk to and do stuff with.

I could have easily converted back to my lame-o evenings while he’s gone but I’ve been keeping up with it. On Monday I made a veggie burger, sweet potato fries and asparagus. Usually I would never put that much time and effort into a meal when it’s just me, but I actually enjoyed the cooking. And I definitely enjoyed the food.

And I started jogging. I’ve never been able to stick with a work-out schedule for very long, but I remembered how nice it felt when my roomies and I used to get up before our 8AM office job and jog around Lake Padden in Bellingham. I mean the running wasn’t nice, necessarily, but it felt good to active and to be outside. I don’t have a good substitute for Lake Padden nearby, but I found a park with a short trail and I also found a less busy road near my apartment parking lot. I don’t know how long the jogging will stick but it’s been good stress-relieve this week.

Finally, I’ve been reading more than I’ve been watching TV. I checked out The Ethics of What We Eat from the local library and it’s really fascinating. It’s confirmed my choice to be a vegetarian and it’s helping me think more carefully about my food choices. It also gave me the push I needed to find a farmer’s market in the area to buy my fruits and veggies from.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Trying to do things that make me happier. And trying to fall in love with a place that isn’t Seattle.

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