Exploring Providence

In my mind I have an ever-growing list of places that I want to see. Lately, I’ve been adding lots of local cities that would be perfect for a day trip, since Derek and I can’t afford to take lots of vacations. So on Saturday we checked one city off our list: Providence, Rhode Island.

After spending Friday night in Connecticut with Aunty Sharon and Uncle B, we trekked into Rhode Island. Back in December I had read about this WaterFire display that was supposed to be awesome. So visiting on an evening when the fires were lit had been on my list for several months.

We got into town around 4:30, parked for (almost) free and started exploring. We had no agenda other than watching the fire at 9pm. So we walked. We walked everywhere- along the river, through downtown, near the mall, along a road that reminded me of Aurora in Seattle (not good). We found a Starbucks, did a little shopping and then we walked some more. It was a great way to see a new place.

Around 8:30 we squeezed our way through the massive crowd and found a place to watch the WaterFire. We waited and waited and waited and got really bored. But I was only more convinced that it would be worth it as more people crowded their way in to watch. The finally, about 20 minutes after 9, some boat people started swirling fire around.

And then they lit the fire pits.

And the fires got bigger.

All the while, strange music was playing and a guy in a costume boated around, throwing carnations to women in the crowd. I don’t know if Derek and I missed something but it was kind of a let-down. I mean, the fires were pretty and it was something different. But I’m surprised that so many people waited around for hours just to see some fire pits lit along the river. I dunno- maybe we were just tired and it was actually really cool.

It was getting late (for me) and my apartment is an hour away from Providence so we began the slow walk through the masses back to the car and made our way home. It was a beautiful day. I loved seeing a new city with Derek. And walking all over the place. But the WaterFire I probably don’t need to see again.

I hope you all are having a lovely long-weekend!



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