Thursday in Seattle

*Disclaimer- I didn’t take any photos the whole time I was in Washington. So to keep things interesting, I borrowed some related photos to add to this post. I hope it works; if you make it to the end of this kinda-long post, you get a prize.

I started my trip home late on Wednesday, leaving Hartford at 6pm and arriving in Seattle around 12:30am. Derek picked me up from the airport and we stayed with Doug and Mego that night. I had slept some on the plane, so I wasn’t completely exhausted. But it was late and Derek and I had plans in the morning, so we all went to bed shortly after I arrived.

Thursday morning I woke up an hour before the alarm was set to go off (apparently my internal clock was still set to East Coast). That gave me plenty of time to shower, get ready and check my usual spots on the internet before waking Derek and leaving for a breakfast date with his mom. Our plan was to meet her in Kirkland at 10:30 but due to some navigational problems, we didn’t all meet up until after 11. The conversation was nice and the food was delicious (note to self: make banana pancakes at home). We were able to chat for about an hour and half before D and I had to leave.

I didn't take this photo but it's from the same cafe. Giant pecan banana pancake goodness.

We drove straight from that filling breakfast to lunch with Dad, Heather and Ryan. Derek was a coward and didn’t even try to eat another meal but I was actually excited about eating at Zoopa again—I hadn’t been since I was a little kid—and I didn’t want to be rude to my dad by asking him to meet for lunch and then not even eat. So, I had a delicious salad and the five of us caught up.

And then it was on to my Aunty Shelley’s house for a visit with Uncle Rick, Phillip, Tiffaney, Hailey and, later, Aunty.

Hailey is so frickin big and smart and gorgeous. I was worried that she wouldn’t feel comfortable around me since I’d only seen her a handful of times, but it didn’t take long before we were playing together. She must have known that I’m a Minnie Mouse fan too. Oh I love her so much and it was nice to see everyone else too, even though my visit was so short.

Finally, we ended the night in Rainier at my mom’s.

I just realized that I saw every immediate family member still in Washington all in one day—that might be a record. I know my mom fed us when we got home but I can’t remember what it was. I know there was wine. I was so good to hug my mom and my little sisters. Even though two of them are taller than me, they will always be little in my mind.

We turned in early that night (it was a busy day and I still wasn’t adjusted to the time difference yet). The next morning I helped Jessie plan her trip to East for college visits, sat outside and chatted with my mom and, eventually, met with Rebecca and Christina for dinner. But I’ll tell you more about that in the next post—this one is already a little long.


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