Girl Time With My Leading Ladies

Sometimes during a particularly slow or boring work day, I think back to my job at Western where I had the good fortune of working next to my best friends every day. The job was boring and monotonous but these ladies made it not only bearable, but fun. I miss them all daily—even more than I miss Jimmy John’s and Pike Kilt Lifter (and that’s saying a lot)—so I was thrilled that each of these beautifuls made time to see me while I was in Washington.

Rebecca and Diesel

Christina and Ozzie

Katie and Oscar

(Sidenote: They are not only gorgeous, but they all have adorable dogs.)

It started Friday afternoon when Rebecca picked me up from my mom’s. We had plans to meet Christina in Puyallup for Mexican fare. Christina is a funny, funny girl and I often find myself crying from laughter when she’s around so I knew it would be a good night. We were able to get to the restaurant earlier enough to take advantage of their happy hour drink specials. And then we spent the next two hours drinking, eating, catching up and, of course, laughing. It was absolutely wonderful. Christina, I hope you find great success in your new job opportunity. Keep me posted.

Then Rebecca and I had a sleep-over. We bought wine and candy with the plan to watch a movie or talk for awhile. But in my usual style, I fell asleep on the couch too early.

The next morning we made our way to Port Orchard to Miss Katie’s house. But not before stopping for coffee and donuts. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s favorite lil café was all out of apple fritters so we had to settle for blueberry scones.

We arrived at Katie’s around noon and she made us delicious taco salads. So tasty that I just bought the necessary groceries to replicate them for myself. After she showed off her engagement bling and gave me a tour of her house, the three of us ate on her back patio. Katie and Rebecca. Sunshine. Yummy food. Wine. I had everything I needed. After lunch, we traded back massages and talked a little about Katie’s upcoming wedding. (I promise I’ll do my best to be there Katie.) And then around 5, we had to leave so Rebecca could take me to the Tacoma Mall where I was meeting Derek.

The two days of girl-time were a blast. I’m glad to making new friends in Massachusetts but no one will ever replace these ladies. It’s so easy to be around them and we have such a great time together. The three of you are forever friends. Thanks for the fun last week; I look forward to the next time.




One response to “Girl Time With My Leading Ladies

  1. Christina

    Arikka, is was great seeing you. You are definitely one of my forever friends. I am so thankful for your friendship, advice and company. You are so clever, smart and witty. I always know seeing you means lots of laughter. Missing you already!

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