Notes From a North Carolina Visit

I had never been to North Carolina before. I’m positive that I would never want to live their–at least not in the middle of nowhere like Chantha–but I had a really nice visit.

The trip started with a dramatic run through the airport to catch my flight on time. Once I was successfully seated on the plane, I relaxed a little with the free cable that Jetblue offers and landed in Raleigh/Durham just before 9am. Chantha picked me up and we met our cousin Justin for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Good breakfast, good company, good start to the weekend.

The drive back to Chan’s was supposed to take an hour and half but the GPS took us on back roads (at one point we ended up on a dirt road that ended up being someone’s driveway) so we were in the car for at least two hours.

That evening we went to a barbeque with some new friends that Chantha and Travis are making in NC. And then we went out for drinks at the only bar in the area. It was a quite a strange mix of people—made for great people watching.

On Sunday, Chantha and I went to a botanical garden. It didn’t seem like much was growing, so I can’t say I recommend the garden. But it did give us plenty of time to chat. The evening ended with dinner and movie (basically me tagging along on one of their Sunday dates).

Chantha and I woke up at 4am Monday morning so she could take me to the airport. Fortunately, I arrived early enough that I didn’t have to run through the airport—and even had time to stop at Starbucks before boarding.

Contrary to what my last post said, Chantha and Travis were not able to get married on Saturday. She didn’t have her actual SS card (just a copy) and by the time they realized that wouldn’t fly, it was too late to go home and get the necessary papers before the office closed. So they’ll have to do it another time in the near future.

It was so great to see Chantha. Since she moved right before I vacationed in Seattle, I hadn’t seen her a year. She’s thinking about coming to New England for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. It was good to see her new home and I’d love a chance to show her mine.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend.




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