One Year Ago

Finally crossing into Connecticut after 5 days of driving

It’s been a year. Already. I’ve been thinking about how I want to write this post for a while now and I still don’t know how to sum up all the changes I’ve experienced since leaving Seattle. From where I was and how I felt about my life a year ago to where I am right now, I can say that I made the right decision and that I’m happier and healthier. I’m exactly where I should be. But it hasn’t been an easy year—there was plenty of loneliness, self-doubt and tears before I realized that I could be happy here.

I still miss Seattle like crazy. I miss my family and friends, of course, but I’m surprised at how attached I still feel to the city I called home for only 13 months. If I could take Derek, my family, my new friends and my job and move everyone to Seattle, I would do it in a second. It will always feel like home.

But while I’m away, I’m proud that I live on my own and that I’m taking good care of myself. I could never have moved without the support of my family, especially my Aunt and Uncle for letting me live with them while I settled in. But it was never my intention to free-load indefinitely and I’m thankful that I found a job that allows me to support myself in the way I had hoped for.

And speaking of the job, it’s not always easy and sometimes I complain more than I should, but in all honesty, I love it. I love (most of) the work that I get to do. I love that I get to write, that I get to be creative, that I get to learn new things. And I absolutely love the majority of the people I work with. I was so miserable working at the Tux Shop; I am thankful to working at a job that I find interesting and rewarding.

Derek and I are doing better than ever. Obviously, if I had not moved, our relationship would not have been sustainable. His first semester of school (last fall) was really hard on me. I was unemployed, bored and lonesome and he was really busy. And he had opportunities to socialize that I didn’t. We didn’t talk as often as I liked and we both felt like we needed more emotional support than the other could give us. But since I found a job, and consequently friends, and I moved an hour closer to his home in New Hampshire, we’ve found a balance that works well for us.

All this to say, I’m happy I took the risk. The last year was full of change, transition and personal growth but I think the results have been positive—on pretty much every front. I hope the coming year is a little less crazy but I’m certain I’ll be able to handle any curveballs that are thrown my way.

Love and miss you all,



3 responses to “One Year Ago

  1. Aunty S

    You have changed my life in many ways since you moved here. I cherish you and our time together more than you will ever know….I love you to bits! Aunty S

  2. d

    What do you do with Seattle? “I still seattle like crazy”

    Also, I like your blog. True story. Visit?

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