Vegan Report: Month Two

It feels like the second month of vegan eating was so much longer than the first. But at the same time, it feels like October flew right by. Weird.

Anyways, I have a few things to say about my diet:

  1. Tomorrow is my 10 year vegetarian anniversary. Pretty sure it’s the longest commitment I’ve ever made. Probably gonna bake myself a cake in celebration.
  2. I ate cheese (and mayonnaise) this month. But… it was at Jimmy John’s. The closest one happens to be in Ithaca, NY (for the record: it’s not close at all) and we happened to be there during my sister’s college scouting trip. I decided not to feel guilty if I ate one last cheesy sandwich. If I find myself near a JJ’s in the future, I will veganize my order.
  3. Despite the Jimmy John’s sandwich, I don’t miss cheese as much as I did last month. I still miss pizza but on Monday I ordered cheese-less nachos and they weren’t so bad. I’ve found so many great vegan blogs and cookbooks that I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Instead, I’m excited by all the new recipes just waiting to be tried.
  4. While cooking at home is a lot of fun for me, I’m still at little uneasy going out to eat. I don’t want to be a pain-in-the-butt customer. And it’s harder to tell if something is vegan without asking so I’m less certain of what options will work for me than I was as a vegetarian. But there are several vegan restaurants in the Boston area, so that helps, and I think over time I’ll become more comfortable.

I also want to give a shout-out to mi hermano Doug who is also giving a vegan diet a try. I seriously wished you lived nearby so we could figure it out together. And so I could cook for you and Mego. And so we could just hang out in general. Miss you.

So two months in and I’d say vegan is working for me. My body feels good. My mind feels good. And my heart feels good about the food choices I’m making.

Until next time,



2 responses to “Vegan Report: Month Two

  1. Mego

    Apparently I’m way behind on reading your blog. I have those websites you gave me bookmarked. Haven’t tried anything new really, but I have been altering the things I usually make to feed my newly vegan (future) hubby. He seems to be doing really well with it. I told him he is probably still eating a little dairy in things like bread, but I think he’s working his way into it. The one thing he seems to miss the most is pizza, he ordered a cheese-less one the other day. Anyway, we wish you lived close too. Any plans to come visit the Big Easy?

    • arikkahall

      I miss pizza too! I gotta try a cheese-less one. I’m sure it’s not the same, but probably still good. I would love to come visit maybe/hopefully during Mardi Gras. But…my rent is going up in January so I’ll have to see how my finances look.

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