Pre-Thanksgiving Update

Hey-o. It’s been a little while and I thought I might check-in. Life’s pretty good for me. Derek is here, studying as usual, and I’m baking a blueberry crisp to enjoy with some trashy TV. A pretty typical Sunday night for us.

Work has been really busy- lots of planning for next year and lots of new projects that will dramatically improve our marketing (like a new website-yay!). I’m juggling a lot more than usual but I think it will be worth it once everything is done.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately; Aunty Sharon and Uncle B came over for dinner last night and I made a completely vegan meal that everyone enjoyed. There weren’t even any leftovers. And I’m really looking forward to cooking my first (mostly) vegan Thanksgiving. Everything will be vegan except for the chicken Derek is making for himself and Chantha.

I’m picking Chantha up from the airport after work tomorrow and I’m excited to spend some time with her. I took Wednesday off so we can spend the day in Boston and then Thursday we’ll have Thanksgiving for 3 followed by some tree decorating (and hopefully the first Grinch viewing of the season).

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely evening and that you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends. This time of year makes me miss everyone even more. Hugs to all.




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