2012 is Here

2011 is gone. I’m naming it “The Year of Playing Grown-Up and Realizing It’s No Fun.” I took my first career-like job and I moved into my very own apartment. Turns out… I’m not really into a cubicle work-life and I’d rather live with Derek than be alone. But I did make some great new friends, changed to a plant-based and spend a lot of time with my family. So I’m counting it as a win.

To ring in the New Year (and celebrate our third anniversary), Derek spent the afternoon in Boston. Then we met our friends Lisa and Jim for dinner and drinks in Watertown. We drove home before midnight (so that we wouldn’t be on the road with drunks) and opened a bottle of champagne. I managed to stay up just long enough to see the clock strike 12:00 and then promptly fell asleep on the couch.

I thought life would slow down after the holidays. But that’s just not the case. In 4 days my long-lost friend Chris is coming to visit me. I haven’t seen him since I moved away so I’m super excited. And then in 2 1/2 weeks, I’m flying to New Orleans to see Doug, Mego and Katie. Pretty great start to the new year, huh?

This year, I’m resolving to live in the moment. I need to find a better balance between making plans for the future and enjoying the present. How ’bout you? Any resolutions?

Hope you had a lovely New Year.




4 responses to “2012 is Here

  1. Erin

    Have fun with Chris!

  2. Oldest Bro

    We should actually talk soon. I like that Katie is meeting you down here, and she’s more than welcome to stay. No new year’s resolution? I’ve made mine to be more awesome. Very doable. Hope you’re well and see you soon.


    • arikkahall


      Maybe your resolution should be to read more carefully as I clearly stated my new year’s resolution is to live in the moment. I dedicated 2 whole sentences to resolution talk–how could you miss it? No worries, though, I still love you.

      Also, when you say that it’s very doable to be more awesome, does that imply that you aren’t very awesome right now? Not sure I agree if that’s what you mean.

      Sent Mego some deets about the trip. I think Katie is staying Saturday and Sunday night. We will have too much fun.

      I’ll try calling you again sometime this week,

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