Over the Weekend

Derek and I had two date nights this weekend. Woot woot! Friday night we saw Wanderlust (thanks Aunty Sharon for the movie passes). Because the tickets were free, I treated myself to some outrageously priced movie theater candy. An hour and a half and one bag of swedish fish later we left the theater in smiles (and I had a tummy ache).

On Saturday, I spent all morning (and into the afternoon) reading The Hunger Games. By the time I finished the book–which is amazing by the way–I was itching to get out of the apartment. So we drove to Allston (fingers crossed that we move there this summer). D and I explored by car for a little while and then braved the icy wind to meet up with Lisa and Jim for drinks and dinner and then more drinks: We started at Sunset Grill; they have over 500 beers available. Then we scooted over to Peace O’ Pie–an all vegan pizzeria. And ended the double date at Wonder Bar where, for the first time in my life, I was on a winning trivia team (unfortunately we left before the game ended).

That brings us to today. This morning I gave the apartment a good scrub-down, pulled three bags of clothes from my closet and dresser to donate and baked a pumpkin pie. Then Derek took me shopping and now we’re side-by-side nerds on the couch; he’s reading, I’m blogging. But that’s about to end because the pie is ready to be eaten and I’m ready to watch some funny TV shows.

How’s your weekend? I hope it has been lovely.



p.s. I changed my blog name-hope you don’t mind. I think this is a better fit.


Cornstarch Face

Remember when I told you all about my natural skincare routine? Well, I’ve stumbled upon another gem. And as the title suggests, it involves cornstarch.

But first a little back story….

I prefer mineral makeup to liquid foundation for a few reasons: 1) I find it easier to blend, 2) I find it easier to match my skin tone and 3) I like that it doesn’t look too makeup-y. And now that I’ve found an all natural, organic version*, 4) I like that it’s not full of chemicals or other junk that’s not good for me. However, I noticed that it was wearing off throughout the day. So I started researching makeup primers. I wanted something that worked really well, wasn’t too expensive and wasn’t full of above-mentioned chemicals. Turns out, it’s pretty difficult to get those prerequisites in-sync.

Somewhere along the way I read a comment or something that mentioned cornstarch as a primer. Say what?! My interest was piqued. Mostly because I already had some at home so it meant I wouldn’t have to run to the store to test it. I read a few articles that gave mixed reviews but I figured it was worth a shot since it’d be free to try it. And if it didn’t work, I could return to my search for a conventional product.

But it did work.

And it’s crazy cheap.

And it’s not full of yucky stuff.

My mind was blown.

Plus, the application is simple–especially if you’re already wearing mineral foundation. I tap a small amount (like dime sized) into the cap from an old mineral foundation pot. Then I swirl a kabuki into the cap and buff it onto my face (just like the Bare Mineral commercials). You may have to rub it in a little more with your finger tips if you used too much. Or if your skin isn’t as pale as mine and it’s a little more obvious. A small inconvenience, really, for something that works so well. It keeps my makeup on my face all day–until I decide I’ve had enough and then it washes off easily with honey and baking soda.

Pretty neat, right? Now go try it out yourself. You know you wanna.

*If you tell Afterglow I sent you, we both get presents.

Over the Weekend

There was:

  • dog-sitting
  • Chinese food
  • Skipbo
  • date night
  • my best ever banana bread

Plus some sleeping in, some cuddling and some 30 Rock. Even though I don’t have tomorrow off, and even though Derek is already on his way back to New Hampshire, I’m calling it a win.

Hope your weekend is treating you well!

What’s Cooking: Veggie Roast

This post is long overdue. Sorry ’bout that. But this recipe is super easy and super delicious; I hope that makes up for my absence. This is a perfect way to use up whatever assortment of veggie you almost forgot about in your fridge–you can adapt it to whatever you have on hand. But here’s my recipe to get you started.

Shopping List

2 medium sized potatoes
1 large sweet potato
2 or 3 carrots (I found some purple carrots at the winter market, made for a pretty dish)
half an onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
olive oil (you’ll probably need about 2 tablespoon depending on how many veggies you use)
salt, pepper, etc.

Step by Step

First, get your oven preheating to 400. The next step is the most difficult and most time consuming–but it’s not really even that difficult or time consuming: chop all your veggies into bite sized pieces and mince the onion and garlic.

When you’re done with that, all you have to do is throw everything together in a baking dish, toss with some olive oil, season and bake. Start with 20 minutes then turn the veggies and cook for another 20 minutes (or so). In the last 10 minutes, I decided to throw in some kale; feel free to follow suit. Or not. Whatever you please.

That’s it; I told you it was easy.

Happy eating,


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