Over the Weekend

Derek and I had two date nights this weekend. Woot woot! Friday night we saw Wanderlust (thanks Aunty Sharon for the movie passes). Because the tickets were free, I treated myself to some outrageously priced movie theater candy. An hour and a half and one bag of swedish fish later we left the theater in smiles (and I had a tummy ache).

On Saturday, I spent all morning (and into the afternoon) reading The Hunger Games. By the time I finished the book–which is amazing by the way–I was itching to get out of the apartment. So we drove to Allston (fingers crossed that we move there this summer). D and I explored by car for a little while and then braved the icy wind to meet up with Lisa and Jim for drinks and dinner and then more drinks: We started at Sunset Grill; they have over 500 beers available. Then we scooted over to Peace O’ Pie–an all vegan pizzeria. And ended the double date at Wonder Bar where, for the first time in my life, I was on a winning trivia team (unfortunately we left before the game ended).

That brings us to today. This morning I gave the apartment a good scrub-down, pulled three bags of clothes from my closet and dresser to donate and baked a pumpkin pie. Then Derek took me shopping and now we’re side-by-side nerds on the couch; he’s reading, I’m blogging. But that’s about to end because the pie is ready to be eaten and I’m ready to watch some funny TV shows.

How’s your weekend? I hope it has been lovely.



p.s. I changed my blog name-hope you don’t mind. I think this is a better fit.


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