Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

1. Derek’s spring break is starting so I get to keep him for nine(!) days.

2. Aunty Sharon & Uncle B. are coming over for dinner on Saturday.

3. I get to finish reading Catching Fire (Are you reading The Hunger Games yet? You should be.)


5 responses to “Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

  1. Mego

    Sounds like fun. It’s my spring break too. Hunger games are awesome! Can’t wait for the movie in a couple of weeks. Miss you girlie. Starting planning the wedding. yahoo! Probably going to be 2 and a half more years, but at least we’re talking about it.

    • arikkahall

      Are you doing anything fun for your break? Feel free to take a drive up to me. 🙂 I’m glad you’re starting to plan the wedding–what sorts of things are you talking about at this point? Location?

      • Mego

        Nothing fun planned. Doug just got a second job so he’s working more, but if he has a day off, I’m hoping we can do a day trip to the beach. Otherwise, I’m just going to try to get ahead on homework. As far as the wedding goes, I set up an account on to keep myself organized, and today I want to get a notebook to keep magazine rip-outs/my ideas in. So far we have actually written down the guest list to see how big that is (100 people, Doug estimates 80 will actually come). We’re definitely getting married in Seattle and I think we’ve found out venue. It’s beautiful, and the next time we’re in Seattle we are definitely going to check it out. It’s fun talking about the wedding. Oh, we’ve also picked our wedding party, but not ready to disclose those details yet. I want to make it special and ask each person individually in a personal way. Anyway, we should talk on the phone and catch up soon. I’ll obviously have lots of time next week…

  2. arikkahall

    I’ll give you a call next week sometime. I’m excited to start hearing about the plans as you finalize details. Do you have a season in mind or it is too soon for that now?

    • Mego

      I’ve kinda always been thinking fall. I halfway joke that our date is September 4, 2014. We’ll see. That’s one of the main things we can’t plan right now because who knows if I’ll be able to get a job right after graduation, or how long it will take us to save up for the wedding. So that would probably be the earliest we could get married. We’ll see.

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