A Belated Birthday Recap

Year 26 really started off great for me. The celebration actually kicked off the weekend before my special day. We found ourselves in Connecticut for the weekend and my Aunt organized a birthday dinner with family. She even surprised me with a vegan cake from a local bakery. It was so delicious. Really, so good. I didn’t even want to share (but I did…reluctantly).

Fast forward a few days to my actual birthday. My company gives everyone their birthday off so that we can spend the day doing something other than work. I chose to spend the day at the beach with my favorite person. We packed a picnic, including with wine for a birthday toast, and headed out mid-morning. We went to Ogunquit beach in Maine (on the wise recommendation of some work friends). It was beautiful and the weather was perfect–80s with a breeze.

On the drive up, I got a picture message telling me about the gorgeous bouquet my mom, step-dad and sisters sent me. Mom didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be at work. But the flowers were still good the next day. In fact, they are still looking just as fresh almost a week later. These are probably the prettiest flowers I’ve ever received.

When we got to the beach it was pretty apparent that we weren’t adequately prepared. We had no beach gear–not even beach towels. I grabbed some older bath towels on the way out the door for us to sit on. But these beach people…they don’t mess around. They had serious stuff–tents, chairs with built-in umbrellas, super coolers, beach games. We did manage to remember a tiny bottle of sunscreen, at least. Thankfully, it turns out you don’t need fancy things to enjoy the beach. 🙂

After eating lunch on the sand, we packed up the leftovers and dropped them back off at the car to do some exploring. We stopped in a candy store and though I didn’t expect to find anything I could eat, Derek found the last box of vegan rice milk chocolate and promptly bought it for us to share. I’m a dark chocolate lover so it wasn’t my favorite, but it was nice to have some variety.

Next up we enjoyed some drinks and snacks at a Mexican restaurant named Banditos (a nod to my favorite college burrito bar) before venturing back south. We stopped at the outlet stores on the way home but I wasn’t feeling inspired so we left empty handed.

We ended the evening by sharing a meal with our friends Lisa and Jim. They met us in Allston and we walked to a new-to-us Thai restaurant (who am I kidding? Every restaurant in Allston in new-to-us at this point). The food was pretty good. But the vegan ice cream we had for dessert was even better. 🙂

And then, just to extend things a little longer, I had a little birthday/house-warming get-together last Saturday. A few friends came over to see the new place, eat pizza, drink wine, and indulge in more vegan baked goods. It was a perfect finish to a lovely birthday week.

No doubt, I have the best people in my life. Thank you for celebrating with me. You all are loved and appreciated.



Still Settling In

D and I are mostly moved. We still have to go back to my old apartment this weekend to get the last load of things and do some serious cleaning–but we’ll turn in the keys by the end of the day and that will be that.

We’re not completely unpacked in the new place yet. I took Monday off from work thinking it would be enough time to finish the move and do most of the unpacking, but I was wrong. And my commute is a little longer now so I haven’t had the time or energy to do much once I’m home. Derek has been such a trooper. He did way more lifting and hauling then me and he built almost all of our furniture himself. He even unpacked the closets and set up the kitchen. He’s pretty much amazing.

Even though this move seems to be extending for far too many days, I am really happy our new home. And since you can’t all come over and see it for yourself, you’ll just have to settle for some sneak preview photos:

More to come once the boxes are completely unpacked.

Love Always,


Happy July!

Hope you haven’t been worried about me in my absence. Everything is fine over here. Busy, but fine.

Last week I helped organize and run a GIANT event for my office. We hosted over 300 people in Boston for 3 days. As you can imagine, there was lots to do prior to the show. And then I was stuck in a Boston hotel with no computer and no time to do anything other than work. But the event was big success. It was mostly an educational trip for our customers, but we had two fancy smancy dinner parties in the city as well. Even though I was working the event, I still had a nice time. And the venues were amazing. Check out these photos that my friend Lauren took:

The party planners–we rocked it. Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

So this event ended last Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week exhausted. I finally caught up on my sleep over the weekend. I think I may have slept more than 15 hours on Friday night (are you proud or what Rebecca?)

And now D and I are planning our move to the city. As much as I’m looking forward to our new apartment, I could really do without the hassle of moving. Plus I still don’t have a parking spot secured. And we can’t agree on a couch. But these details will work themselves out, I’m sure.

My summer is moving at a rapid pace already. Between moving, travel and more work events, I don’t think things will be slowly down anytime soon. So you’ll have to make due with sporadic and random posts for now. I do promise a photo tour of the new apartment once it’s presentable.

Miss you all.



p.s. Happy almost birthday to most favorite big brother! I’m already anticipating that you won’t answer when I call. But presents are in the mail so don’t think I forgot about you! I hope 28 treats you right. Miss you for real.

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