Happy July!

Hope you haven’t been worried about me in my absence. Everything is fine over here. Busy, but fine.

Last week I helped organize and run a GIANT event for my office. We hosted over 300 people in Boston for 3 days. As you can imagine, there was lots to do prior to the show. And then I was stuck in a Boston hotel with no computer and no time to do anything other than work. But the event was big success. It was mostly an educational trip for our customers, but we had two fancy smancy dinner parties in the city as well. Even though I was working the event, I still had a nice time. And the venues were amazing. Check out these photos that my friend Lauren took:

The party planners–we rocked it. Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

Photo by Lauren Lee Photography and Design.

So this event ended last Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week exhausted. I finally caught up on my sleep over the weekend. I think I may have slept more than 15 hours on Friday night (are you proud or what Rebecca?)

And now D and I are planning our move to the city. As much as I’m looking forward to our new apartment, I could really do without the hassle of moving. Plus I still don’t have a parking spot secured. And we can’t agree on a couch. But these details will work themselves out, I’m sure.

My summer is moving at a rapid pace already. Between moving, travel and more work events, I don’t think things will be slowly down anytime soon. So you’ll have to make due with sporadic and random posts for now. I do promise a photo tour of the new apartment once it’s presentable.

Miss you all.



p.s. Happy almost birthday to most favorite big brother! I’m already anticipating that you won’t answer when I call. But presents are in the mail so don’t think I forgot about you! I hope 28 treats you right. Miss you for real.


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