Still Settling In

D and I are mostly moved. We still have to go back to my old apartment this weekend to get the last load of things and do some serious cleaning–but we’ll turn in the keys by the end of the day and that will be that.

We’re not completely unpacked in the new place yet. I took Monday off from work thinking it would be enough time to finish the move and do most of the unpacking, but I was wrong. And my commute is a little longer now so I haven’t had the time or energy to do much once I’m home. Derek has been such a trooper. He did way more lifting and hauling then me and he built almost all of our furniture himself. He even unpacked the closets and set up the kitchen. He’s pretty much amazing.

Even though this move seems to be extending for far too many days, I am really happy our new home. And since you can’t all come over and see it for yourself, you’ll just have to settle for some sneak preview photos:

More to come once the boxes are completely unpacked.

Love Always,



3 responses to “Still Settling In

  1. Laurie

    Love your couch and your kitchen table! It’s so cute! Can’t wait to see your new place. 🙂

  2. Laurie

    I guess I should have said can’t wait to see your new place in person!

  3. arikkahall

    Can’t wait to have you over!

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