photo-1This weekend started a little early for me as I wasn’t feeling very well and left work a few hours early. I didn’t make exciting use of the extra time, though. I ended up sleeping for about 16 hours. But, thankfully, that must have been what I needed because I woke up Saturday morning feeling just fine.

It’s still pretty cold in Boston, but the sun was shining so Derek and I went for a long walk. We’re estimating that we explored about 4 miles of our neighborhood before walking ourselves over Sunset for drinks. I’ve recently decided that I love sour beers, and the Monk’s Cafe Flemish sour they had one tap was delicious. D had a big glass of Irish stout and we shared some fries (we’re fancy like that). We got home around 6, cooked dinner and watched a movie. All in all, it was a pretty awesome Saturday.

Today, we met up with Lisa for brunch at a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant that just opened in Newton. The food was good, but it is very obvious that it’s a new restaurant with a very new staff. Nothing went seriously wrong, but they have some kinks to work out in their service.

Derek and I were feeling crazy after a yummy meal, so we went to The Container Store and got our organization on. When we brought our goodies home, it started a chain reaction in which every closet was emptied and reorganized. It was kind of a disaster in here for a bit, but it was worth it. Our place looks gooood. Wish I could have you all over for dinner. But we only have two dining room chairs, so it would be a little cramped.

Now, as the days winds down, we’re both sitting at our computers dreading the terrible necessity that is Monday Morning. The good news is, next weekend is Easter. And Easter means pudding shots. Alcoholic pudding plus a family get-together is enough to get me through the week ahead. Hope you all have things to look forward to as well.

Miss you all,



My Neighborhood

On my walk home from yoga a few nights ago I saw a man taking his ferret for a walk. The ferret was harnessed and on leash.

Tonight, there is a man in the laundromat washing his clothes sans pants and shoes.

So, yeah, I live in an interesting place.


photo (2)Life has been good lately. It’s been a very snowy February and early March, but with pretzels, craft nights, amazing concerts and plenty of celebrations with D, I haven’t let the winter weather keep me down.

The best thing that happened in February was Derek passing his comp exam. He read hundreds of books and spent (what felt like) thousands of hours preparing and I couldn’t be more proud–and relieved–that it’s over. I threw him a little surprise party to mark the accomplishment but I was too busy having a great time with everyone that I forgot to take any pictures. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was a success. 🙂

And March has more good things in store. Tomorrow D and are headed to Northampton for a weekend trip. He’s speaking at a conference but we’re spending the night so we can have a date day in a new city on Sunday. At the end of the month I have my Grandpa’s birthday and an Easter celebration with the family to look forward to. I’m also hoping that the snow melts away and that we start to see the sun again, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

I hope 2013 is treating you right so far. There are so many great things happening to the people I love that I can’t help but think it is going to be one amazing year.

Love to you all,


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