Over the Weekend(s): Part 1

The last two weekends have been really great. The weather’s been getting nicer, the days are getting longer and I’ve been living life as best as I can.

Let’s back-track to two weekends ago. Derek had a conference to attend in Erie, PA and I needed to make a trip back to Cleveland to check in with my office. We combined the two into a five day road trip and took advantage of the fact that Niagara Falls was on the route home.

I intended to spend Saturday exploring a state park in Erie, but the weather didn’t cooperate and I had to deal with car trouble so I did a little shopping instead. After D’s conference ended Saturday night, we drove two hours to Niagara Falls where we spent the night.

ImageIn the morning, we made our way to the border crossing where we parked the car and headed to the Canadian side on foot. This ended up being a really great decision. Not only was it a perfect day for walking around, but it was so much less stressful than driving across.

We opted out of the tourist attractions and just walked along the river for a while. We eventually found ourselves sampling the local beers on a patio overlooking the falls–it was such a perfect afternoon. The sunshine, the scenery and the beer put D in such a blissful mood that he willingly discussed honeymoon options. (His fiscally responsible, practical side can be a bit of a buzz-kill for my daydreamer, explorer side; but not this day.)

ImageAfter a few hours in Canada, we decided it was best to head back to the car and start our seven hour drive home. It ended taking closer to nine hours, but most of the drive was scenic and easy.

It was one of those days where I felt so full and happy. You know the kind? Spring weather had finally arrived and, with it, the promise of even more sunshine and happy memories to come.

Stay tuned for Over the Weekend(s): Part 2, a recap of Boston Calling.


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