Fish, Fish, I Got My Wish!

Meet my new roommate, Jerry.

Isn’t he handsome? I think so. He seems to love his new home as much as any Beta could. I’ve had the fish tank for about two months, so it’s nice to have a little fish friend living it.

I suppose I should also introduce Derek’s fish- Ben.

Get it? Ben & Jerry. Yeah, I love ice cream that much.

D’s had Ben for several weeks but I never got around to posting. The two fish will never meet since Beta’s like to fight each other but I’m going to consider them brothers in my mind.

In addition to the fish-getting on Saturday, I saw a ballet with a work friend (friend might be a stretch, but acquaintance seemed weird to write) on Sunday. We saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream and it was really good–and funny. I’m so glad I went and that she was able to come along too.

Aside from those two events, my weekend was laid-back and relaxing. And now I’m back at work counting down the days til Friday. What did you do over the weekend?


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