My 2017 Intention

In 2016 I chose the word settle as my intention. I anticipated a quieter year, with less obvious growth and change, and I wanted a word that would help me feel grounded and at peace even as I saw big things happening for the people around me. After all the change that came with 2015, I wanted 2016 to be a restorative year. And I think it really was.

But looking forward, it seems 2017 will be a year of adventuring. We’ll be taking our honeymoon trip to Italy in March (Derek’s first time abroad). I hope we spend the summer hiking and day-tripping around the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be in Colorado in the fall. And maybe if I’m really good, I can convince Derek to spend Christmas in Hawaii. 🙂

I also see some professional growth on the horizon for 2017. But I also know that in order to get there, I’ll need to have some honest conversations about what I want and how I can best contribute to the team.

And, finally, I have some personal goals that I hope to accomplish in the new year, like running a 10K in under an hour, making more time to write, and maybe even getting a little more involved in our growing Everett community.

So I’ve decided to set be brave as my 2017 intention.

I hope 2017 brings fearless travels, courage at work, and the confidence to achieve more, share more and give more.

If you’re reading this, thank you. I know I haven’t shared much in the last few years but I’m hoping to make it more of a priority in the year to come.

Cheers to a bold, beautiful and brave 2017!

Intentions from years past:

2016- settle

2015- focus

2014- enjoy



My 2016 Intention

2015 was a big year. Essentially everything about my life changed; I moved cross-country, got married, and started a new job. It was a year full of love and celebration and excitement, but there was also a lot of anxiety, long discussions and difficult choices. It was probably my most beautiful and, simultaneously, my most challenging year to date.

And so, for 2016, I’ve chosen the word settle as my intention.

With all these life changes behind us, it’s time for me and Derek to settle into our new lives. For me to settle into my new job. For Derek to settle into his dissertation work. In the spring, we’ll settle into our own apartment. We’ll settle back into Seattle. And of course, we’ll settle into our marriage.

I’m anticipating a quieter year, a year where our growth will be a little harder to see from the outside. I’m looking forward to a little more consistency and less chaos. I guess this is a sign of growing up—when a year of just living my life as it is sounds great, but that’s where I’m at.

But I know myself, too. I worry that I’ll grow bored of the quiet and start looking for change. I hope I can remember this intention in those moments, and instead appreciate this period of relative peacefulness in my life. I hope for myself to make 2016 a restorative year that sets the stage for whatever might come next. Because sometimes you just need some rest, you know?

To every sweet person who supported me in 2015, thank you. Your love and encouragement means more than you know. Cheers to an amazing 2016!

A 2014 Summary and a 2015 Intention

If I had to choose one word that summarizes the last year, it would be enjoy. Comparatively, it was a carefree year. There was so much to celebrate (engagement! Super Bowl Champs!). I spent a month in Seattle, traveled to Mexico, Tennessee (twice) and saw Niagara Falls for the first time.

But even more than the big things, I learned to enjoy the everyday. I settled into my job and the freedom and flexibility that comes with working from home. I spent more time with Derek and with my friends. I slowed down a bit and took more time for myself.

There were challenges and heartbreak–but they didn’t define me or keep me down for too long.

2014 was a year of relishing, reveling and rejoicing. Ah, it was a good good year.

Even though I chose enjoy in retrospect, I really love the idea of choosing an intention for each new year. I was never very good at resolutions anyways. And so for 2015 I’ve chosen focus.

To me, it means a few things:

Focus my attention and be present in the moment

Especially with our wedding on horizon, I want to get better about truly experiencing the special moments and everyday joys rather than getting overwhelmed with what’s coming next. I think this is going to be the hardest one for me, but I really think it will be worth the work I put in.

Focus my consumption and limit my belongings

I’ve been drawn to stories of minimalism a lot over the last year; this year I want to take steps in that direction in my own life. To start, I did a major closet clean-out and started my first capsule wardrobe (35 clothing items/shoes for a 3 month season). I’m looking forward to cleaning out our basement storage unit next and really pairing down what we have to just what we need. But more than getting rid of our extra stuff, I’m hoping I can permanently shift the way I buy–choosing quality and function over quantity.

I imagine in a year, when I reflect on how the word has manifested itself in my life, I will have more to add. But I feel encouraged by the concept of focus and how it will guide me through the year to come. It already feels like a year of big change.

Thank you my darling friends and family for the part you played in my enjoyable 2014. I look forward to what’s to come.

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