My 2016 Intention

2015 was a big year. Essentially everything about my life changed; I moved cross-country, got married, and started a new job. It was a year full of love and celebration and excitement, but there was also a lot of anxiety, long discussions and difficult choices. It was probably my most beautiful and, simultaneously, my most challenging year to date.

And so, for 2016, I’ve chosen the word settle as my intention.

With all these life changes behind us, it’s time for me and Derek to settle into our new lives. For me to settle into my new job. For Derek to settle into his dissertation work. In the spring, we’ll settle into our own apartment. We’ll settle back into Seattle. And of course, we’ll settle into our marriage.

I’m anticipating a quieter year, a year where our growth will be a little harder to see from the outside. I’m looking forward to a little more consistency and less chaos. I guess this is a sign of growing up—when a year of just living my life as it is sounds great, but that’s where I’m at.

But I know myself, too. I worry that I’ll grow bored of the quiet and start looking for change. I hope I can remember this intention in those moments, and instead appreciate this period of relative peacefulness in my life. I hope for myself to make 2016 a restorative year that sets the stage for whatever might come next. Because sometimes you just need some rest, you know?

To every sweet person who supported me in 2015, thank you. Your love and encouragement means more than you know. Cheers to an amazing 2016!


An Overdue Update

Hi friends, It’s been too long. Since I last wrote many exciting things have happened including:

– a visit from Chantha

– a girl’s night trip to a Connecticut casino

– a job interview

– many date nights

– the start of a running routine

– a job resignation and a job acceptance

– a Duck Tour around Boston

– a lovely Memorial Day weekend at my Aunt’s lakehouse

– a fun dinner party with some (former) co-workers

For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into all the details. But I do want to tell you a little more about my new job! About a month ago I started working for a new company. It is in the same industry (that would be print and promotional products), but the company is much larger than my previous place of employment. My position is fairly similar to what I have been doing since moving to Boston, managing the marketing efforts of the company.

This new company is based out of Cleveland…but I’m not moving there. I was fortunate to take the position as a remote office–which means I primarly work out of my tiny Boston apartment with the occasional trip to the Cleveland office. That means Derek and I spend a lot of time together at home. 🙂 And the best news is that I have more flexibility in my schedule so I’ll be in Washington for almost a month this summer! Working, of course, but still–I’ll have time to see you all.

It’s been an adjustment, but so far I’m really happy with my decision. I’m thankful that I no longer have an hour commute each way to work. It’s a teeny bit lonely without the social aspect of an office, but I’m getting to know my new colleagues and making lots of plans with the friends I made at my last job. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So that’s my big news. What’s new in your life?


That One Time I Got a Job

I asked for snow and the weather obliged: the East Coast got a blizzard last night that put Massachusetts in a state of emergency, shut down businesses (my new office included) and made travel tricky. I should be on my way to my first day of work right now, but instead I’ll make the trek tomorrow. It doesn’t bother me so much. I don’t mind having an extra day to play in the snow with Derek. And a three day work-week is not a bad way to ease into full-time work. Plus, after an emotional mid-week and a busy weekend, a day of quiet and relaxation sounds great.

So yeah, last week was intense (but in a good-for-me kind of way). I was all over the place emotionally, thinking about the potential job opportunity. None of the other interviews I’ve had on the East resulted in a second interview so I felt like I was thisclose to getting a job. I had my first interview with the company on Thursday, December 16th. I thought it went well, but I didn’t try to read too much into it because I thought some of my other interviews went well and I never heard from them again. So when they contacted me on the following Monday (a week ago from today), I was really excited but also nervous and kind of terrified. The President of the company asked me to bring in my ideas (as many and as far reaching as possible- his words exactly) on how the company could secure more accounts.Umm… okay… so do you want 5 ideas or 5 pages of ideas? His prompt was a little vague and a little open-ended. And I had no idea how many other candidates were also invited back for a second interview, so I didn’t know what my competition looked like. I just knew I had to be the best.

I spent most of the day Tuesday and all of the day Wednesday reading about the industry, researching marketing opportunities, willing myself to be creative and oscillating between “I’m definitely going to get this job” and “I don’t have any good ideas, why would they hire me?”. To be honest, I was mostly negative. I thought for sure that anything I brought to the table would be shot down or scrutinized in a way that I wouldn’t be able to defend it. Wednesday night Derek and I practiced how I would start my presentation. For over an hour we tried to prioritize my ideas and nail down the phrasing I would use. And then I hit a wall. I didn’t want to think about it anymore, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I just wanted to watch a movie and go to bed. I figured I’d done the most research I could and came up with as many ideas as I could. If they weren’t happy or I wasn’t the best, then the job wasn’t for me. Going over how I want to talk about Facebook participation wasn’t going to change anything.

Thursday morning came and I was still really emotional. Derek came with because he wanted to do some shopping at a nearby mall after my interview and I almost cried when he wanted to change my pre-interview ritual. I usually arrive at my interviews early (like 30 minutes to an hour early) and after I find the office, I sit in my car trying to relax. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I talk on the phone, but I stay in my car in the nearest parking lot for fear that if I ventured off into the city something would happen and I’d be late for my interview. When Derek suggested we sit at a Starbucks about 4 blocks away for most of the 30 extra minutes, I about had a meltdown. My anxiety level was through the roof and, thankfully, he accommodated me even if he thought I was nutso.

I walked into the office a few minutes before I was scheduled to interview. The receptionist had me wait for the interviewers in the conference room. First I shared my suggestions on how they could improve their advertisements (they gave me about 6 previous ads to look through). Then the President came in and I started my presentation of ideas. He interrupted occasionally with questions and such, but I had intelligent responses. As the interview came to close, I realized that I had been talking with them for an hour and a half. Apparently the next candidate had been waiting for 30 minutes. But as we finished up the President  asked me “When can you start?” and “If I called you this afternoon and offered you the position, would you say ‘yes’?” and “Would you get off the phone with me and get really excited?” I took these all to be really good signs. He ended with “I think you’re terrific. But you’ve got to scram- we have another candidate waiting to speak with us and we’ve gone into her interview time. But going over is a good thing because if I didn’t like you I wouldn’t have spent an hour and half discussing your ideas.”

I was elated when I met Derek at the car. I was 85% sure that job was mine. The other girl had only 30 minutes to impress them more than I just did. We went to the mall (not a place I usually want to be two days before Christmas, but excitement put me in a daze) and I was confident and happy with myself. I was going to wait until I heard from the President later in the day before I called to tell my Aunt what happened, but she was texting Derek with anticipation so I called and told her I thought I did great and that I should hear back sometime that afternoon.

We shopped quickly and got back on the road toward home. As the hours went on, my confidence faded and I was starting to wonder if the other candidate had done really well. Maybe I didn’t get the job. And then, when we were about 15 minutes from my Aunt’s house my phone rang. And it was the company President. I tried not to sound nervous when I answered, but I probably did. But without too much delay, he said it was a unanimous decision- they would love to have me join the iPROMOTEu team. And of course I said YES! He went over the salary and benefits and said he thought it would be best if I started right away (so that I could get the new-hire stuff over with and be ready to really get to work after the New Year). I said YES! When I got off the phone, I bear hugged Derek with a squeal. And by that point we were just minutes away from home so didn’t call my Aunt. Or anyone else. I just kept distracting Derek with bursts of excitement while he drove.

My Aunt was waiting by the door when we pulled up. We bought a bottle of champagne several weeks ago with the plan that we would open it when I got a job. She had put it in the fridge when I talked to her after the interview, so when I broke the news, she popped the cork and we toasted.

My Grandpa called a little later to see how I did and I although I had planned to wait until the next day when the whole family would be together for Christmas Eve, I ended up telling him right then. Then I called Rebecca and my mom and told them about the good news. My Aunt and Uncle took us out for Mexican food to celebrate and afterward, Derek and I did a little power-shopping so I could find a first day of work outfit.

When we finally got home and crawled into bed, I fell right to sleep. I hadn’t sleep well the two nights before because I was so nervous but now I HAD A JOB so I could sleep soundly.

And that’s how it happened. I’m eager to start work tomorrow (or whenever the weather permits) and get to know my new coworkers and settle into my first career job. I’ll post the highlights later this week.

Thank you all for being supportive. Your encouraging words helped immensely on the bad days and I’m so happy to be share this great news with everyone. I hope Santa brought you all the happiness you deserve.



Merry Christmas to Me!

I got the best Christmas present I could imagine today: a job!!! Yup, I’m no longer unemployed. And the offer came just in time for me to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales to supplement my wardrobe and start buying the things I’ll need (or want) when I get my own apartment.

The scoop:

I’m the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for iPROMOTEu, a company that offers administrative support to distributors of promotional products. So it’s a very niche market- but that’s ok. I’m essentially in charge of all the marketing efforts. And since I’m the only staff member in the marketing department, it makes me the head of the department by default.

It’s pretty much in Framingham, MA which is 20 miles west of Boston. So that means something like an hour and half commute from my Aunt’s house until I decide where I want to live. It’s a salaried position and comes with all the benefits I could expect. And I start on Monday!!

Some of the things I’ll do in this role:

-write/edit all their copy: newsletters, brochures, press releases, articles for print publication, etc.

-create and manage social media usage

-maintain their company website

-collaborate on advertising campaigns

And a bunch of other stuff that I think is cool. So I’m beyond excited. And so so relieved that I scored a job before running out of money and turning into a beggar.The only negative side is that this means I won’t be coming back to Washington to visit in January. But I’m sure you all understand.

Here’s to the start of a happy, happy Christmas weekend! Love to everyone!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s so much colder here than winter in Washington! I think I want to stay unemployed until April so that I don’t have to leave the house. Well, not really. But it’s THAT cold. I knew it would be colder, but I guess I didn’t realize what that would feel like. I was not prepared.

It’s been awhile since I wrote- partially because I didn’t feel like I had anything to report, partially because I just wasn’t feeling the blog. All that’s irrelevant though because I’m back now.

So we have two weeks until Christmas!! Let me remind you how much I love Christmas- the decorations, the festivities, the baking, the shopping and gift wrapping. And most of all, How the Grinch Stole Christmas– cartoon-style. Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever. Sadly, I haven’t watched it yet this year, but I will. Probably several times in one day.

Aunty Sharon has been doing a fabulous job of indulging my Christmas spirit. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we stood outside in the below-freezing cold and watched the annual Putnam Light Parade. It was cute. A little more parade-like than the Rainier Round-Up Days I grew up with, but only a little bit more. Many of the floats where just utility trucks from local businesses dressed in lights, but it was fun.

Last weekend we saw A Christmas Carol at the local playhouse. It was well done. Shorter than I expected (about an hour) but festive and entertaining.

This weekend we’ll be decorating the tree Bryan and I picked and cut yesterday (I promise photos next post). And Aunty Sharon and I will start our Christmas baking extravaganza. Every December my mom bakes dozens of cookie varieties to eat and share on Christmas. It has and will probably continue to be one of my favorite Christmas activities. Since living on my own, I’ve scaled it down quite a bit but managed to do some of my own Christmas baking. This year, with my Aunt’s help, we’re going big. My Grandma is hoping to come by next weekend to give us a hand. I think we have 14 flavors on the agenda, which is still a lot fewer than my mom will be making but she has three adorable little helpers and a culinary education so I can’t compete with that.

In other news, I’ve found a way to make a little money. I’ve babysat for couple my Aunt knows through work twice now. I actually really enjoy it. The kids, 3 1/2 and almost 7, are well behaved, smart and fun. It’s definitely not frequent enough to quit my job search but it helped pay for Christmas gifts.

I haven’t forgotten about my What’s Cooking section of the blog. The week after Thanksgiving we went out for dinner. And this week I was in the New Hampshire visiting Derek and had no way to post the photos and recipe for the stuffed peppers I made. So I’m saving it for next week.

Also, I’m considering a short trip home in January. I haven’t committed yet as I’m trying to determine if is financially-responsible or if it will interfere with my job search. My Dad is looking into an option that could ease the financial problem. If that works out, I’d be willing to give up a week of job-hunting without too much guilt because I miss you all so much! I’ll keep you posted whether I’m coming home or not.

So aside from my state of unemployment, all is well in Connecticut. I’m thoroughly enjoying Christmas time. Derek and I are happy and in love. My family continues to be overly generous and a joy to be with. Yep, I’m a pretty content girl.

Hope you’re all having a happy December!

My Pursuit of Happiness

More than once I’ve written a post that suggests how frustrated I am with the job search and adjustment phase that comes with a cross-country move. The hardest aspect is finding things to do everyday in order to feel productive. But I’ve also been dealing with a range of emotions stemming for the fact that I haven’t found a job yet.

However for the last week or so, I’ve been in a much better place mentally. In an effort to maintain this positive attitude, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve been doing lately in order to stay happy in my state of unemployment.

Practicing yoga 4 times a week- I’ve been doing a great job of starting most of my days with at least 30 minutes of stretching and poses. Yoga really helps put me in a good mood. I find balance and strength when I practice.  And the ending meditation relaxes me and puts my goals into focus. Starting my mornings with yoga has put me in a positive mindset that carries throughout the day.

Looking for jobs/sending out resumes 3 times a week- When I first moved, I was looking for work every day (usually searching the job listings several times a day) but I was often multi-tasking and distracted. I found it frustrating to spend so much time looking with so few results. And I constantly felt pressure and guilt if I wasn’t applying for jobs. I’ve since decided on a schedule- spending the morning and/or afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday sorting through the listing and sending my resume out. Since I’m giving myself a substantial break between searches, there are typically several opportunities I’m interested in. And by designating a specific time to job-seek, I free myself from the guilt. I log in a few hours of focused searching and then I feel comfortable spending the rest of my day doing other things.

Listening to Seattle radio stations online- I can’t find any radio stations that interest me in Connecticut so I listen to KUBE and KISS on my computer. I feel a little more connected to Seattle this way, hearing the DJs I used to listen to everyday on the way to work is familiar and comforting. And I get some tidbits of Seattle news which I like.

Crafting with my Grandma- I can’t get too specific about the crafts, because I may or may not be making Christmas gifts for friends that read this blog, but spending time with Grandma (and Grandpa, although he doesn’t craft with us) is so wonderful. One of the reasons I moved was to spend more time with my extended family and I feel great when I do. It’s a nice change of scenery from my Aunt & Uncle’s house. But more than that, I just really enjoy the conversations and company of my grandparents. And I’m learning a lot of crafty things from my G’ma.

Pen-paling with my little sisters- One of the hardest parts of my decision to move was the fact that I wouldn’t be close to my little sisters as they grow up. I was worried about missing all the milestones, and even the stupid, little things. But since I’ve moved, I feel like I’ve had better communication with the Littles than when I was living in Seattle. We text, facebook, talk on the phone, and even write letters back and forth. An “I love you” from one of my favorite persons goes a long way in brightening my day.

Wine tasting with my Aunt- My Aunt has been one of my biggest supporters for a long time and living with her just makes her love and advice that much more accessible. Last weekend we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday wine tasting and I loved every second of her company. I feel comfortable sharing anything with her so our conversations can help me sort out my feelings or vent.

Cooking, baking and eating- Food is a great source of pleasure for me. And rather than dwell on the fact that I don’t have a job yet, I’ve been using my time to make and eat food I love. I’ve been sharing some of those recipes here on Wednesdays as I get more creative, I’ll start sharing more.

Napping and reading- Knowing that my unemployment will be temporary as long as I continue to allow for jobs every week, I am indulging in naps when I want. And I’m reading good books when I can’t think of anything else to do. Once I start working, I know I’ll miss having time for both of these so I’m doing it while I can and not feeling guilty for it.

Here’s to hoping that this positivity sticks and I can manage to keep myself occupied and happy until I find a job,


What’s Cooking: Acorn Squash Shepard’s Pie and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Derek was in Connecticut with me last weekend, we bought an acorn squash. But he never got around to cooking it for me. With no prior experience with acorn squash, I had no clue how to prepare it and so it sat untouched until this morning when I packed it up and brought it with me to New Hampshire.

While I waiting for Derek to get home from school, I looked up ways to prepare the squash and when I saw these easy directions for mashing the cooked squash, I was inspired to try a new take on an old favorite from my school days: Shepard’s Pie.

My mom used to layer ground beef, canned corn and mashed potatoes into a casserole dish and bake them all together. I just substituted acorn squash mash for the potatoes and soy protein crumbles for the beef.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous that it would be awful (since I have no experience with acorn squash) so I let Derek try it first. When he kept eating, I tried it too. And I have to say it was pretty good. At least a 7 out of 10.  Next time I’ll mix squash and potato for a creamier topping and sprinkle with cheese.

Shopping List

1 acorn squash
a big scoop of sour cream
a few pinches of ground cumin
a clove or two of chopped garlic
salt and black pepper to taste
veggie crumbles (or protein of choice)
1 can of corn

Slice and seed the acorn squash and then bake with olive oil until the flesh is soft and scoop-able (30-45 minutes depending on your squash size).

When it’s done, scoop out the flesh and mix with sour cream, cumin, garlic, salt and pepper.

Warm the protein on the stove top for few minutes- while you do this pre-heat the oven to 350ish degrees.

Once the crumbles are warm (they don’t need to be hot since you’re going to bake it), spread them in a casserole dish. Layer with corn and then add the squash mix on top.

Bake for 15-20 until it all looks warm and the squash starts browning a little.

Plate and eat. We added a bit more sour cream and like I said above, cheese would be good too. Yum.

And for dessert… pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I made these last time Derek was in Connecticut for my aunt’s pumpkin carving party. I loved them so much I decided to make some more. Plus I needed something to do tonight since Derek has a bunch of reading to do. These are super easy and super delicious. Try them right away.

Shopping List (adapted from this recipe)

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1/2 can (8 oz) of pumpkin
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon milk
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

This recipe makes about 18 cookies, but you double the batch easily to make more.

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the wets. Stir in chocolate chips.

Plop in rows onto a greased cookie sheet. And bake for 12-14 minutes at 375.

Sooo good! I give them 10 out of 10.

We were both happy and full after this meal/dessert combo. Here’s proof:


The last few days have been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. On Monday/Tuesday I was not in the best mood, feeling down about my move, etc, etc.

But Wednesday was much better. I spent the day being crafty with my Grandma and I heard back from another potential employer (I’m interviewing with them Wednesday!).

And then Friday I spent most of the day in bed with a book because of allergies/a cold/I don’t know exactly but I’m sneezing a lot and I feel extra tired.

I guess the rest did me some good because I felt healthier yesterday, so I accompanied my Aunt to the Putnam Pumpkin Festival. Neither of us knew what it was, but we decided to check it out. Turned out to be a lot of craft booths. And crowded sidewalks. We found an art studio where we’re planning to attend a jewelry making class and a wine-themed craft class in November and December. Then we had delicious chocolate chai lattes at an adorable coffeehouse (which I definitely plan on frequenting) and chatted about life for about an hour. I love my Aunt and I love that we can talk so easily.

When we finished our coffee, we went back outside to explore more booths only to discover the sun had disappeared, the wind had picked up and it too cold for us. So we settled in at the bar-top of one her favorite lunch restaurants and shared a bottle of wine while we waited for Uncle B to meet us for a meal. I ended up ordering a butternut squash bisque and veggie wrap. So good, especially the soup.

This morning I woke up and promptly started a yoga routine before I could come up with excuses to put it off yet another day. Promise to self- do yoga much more often. I feel stretched and relaxed.

I don’t have any plans for today. Probably watch more of Dexter (I just started watching this on Netflix- pretty good) and probably bake something delicious. If it doesn’t rain, maybe go for a walk. There is a trail along the river nearby which I found to be perfect for a long walk while listening to audiobooks.

My Aunt is in Germany until Thursday so it’s just me, Uncle B and the puppies for the next few days. I had planned to go see Derek tomorrow, but the Wednesday interview pushed that back a few more days. Oh, about the interview. It’s a social media marketing and public relations position for a natural skincare company in Rhode Island. As far as I can tell, it’s a pretty small company which means, if I get the position, there could be room to grow with them. The office is about 45 minutes from my Aunt & Uncle’s house and about 2 hours from Derek. So it’s do-able. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it could be a great fit. I’ll keep you posted after the interview.

So I’m finding things to do and trying to keep a positive attitude. And this corner of Connecticut is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, so that’s helping to lift my mood.

sorry for the power lines in the way, but aren't these trees incredible?

Here’s to hoping that this week brings more opportunities and more happiness.

A bit of a Negative Nancy

Just about a week after returning from Balloon Adventure (the sequel), the novelty of living in Connecticut with my Aunt and Uncle is beginning to fade. Instead, all these negative emotions are flooding in.

Before leaving Seattle, I applied for unemployment benefits with the small hope that I would be approved and could have a small trickle of income coming in. Well, as I expected, I was denied. I think that started this spiral-effect of pessimism which I may or may not  have taken out on Derek last night (but I’ve since apologized for my bad attitude).

I’m frustrated with the job search (I know, already) but anyone who has been out of work recently knows how exhausting and futile it feels to send out 5 resumes a day and get absolutely no response whatsoever.

I feel like a useless bum (no matter how many jobs I apply to) for having time to watch TV mid-day and for not having anything more productive or fulfilling to do with my time.

I feel completely dependent on others (which you may remember from an earlier post, is very difficult for me).

And worse of all- I feel incredibly lonely. I miss my friends and WA family like crazy. And I miss knowing where things are and having things to do and people to do them with. Country life in a new state where I don’t know anyone but my family is more isolating that I expected.

Please don’t misread my complaining as ungratefulness. My Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa have been nothing but wonderful to me. Supportive, generous, loving- everything I should need. My aunt continues to surprise me with gifts I don’t need or deserve (like a salon/spa pampering session or this gorgeous jacket I fell in love with). I feel guilty accepting (not that I have a choice- when Aunty Sharon wants to do something nice, she won’t take “no” for an answer). It’s a difficult adjustment. Much more so than I thought it would be.

I’m certain that in a few months I will look back on this post and be embarrassed for my whining. Because by then I’m sure I’ll be in a much happier, more assured place in my new life. But I’m not there yet and until I find more sturdy footing on the East Coast, send me a little more love than usual. I need it right now and I miss you.

The Post-Birthday Post

I’ve been meaning to write all week. But I found it so hard to spend time in front of my computer when the weather has been so beautiful and I had merely days left to enjoy Seattle. I hope you’ll understand, my small yet wonderful audience.

So I had a birthday! And if the sweet memories accumulated during the birthday celebrations are any indication of the year to come, then I am in for a truly great year. A quick recap of the weekend:

Saturday- work, shop with Megan and Rebecca, eat an AMAZING sandwich from Jimmy John’s outside picnic-style with the lovely ladies, doll ourselves up, pick up Derek from work, dance party at the Tulalip Casino (sort of a work get-together), M&M mcflurry from McDonald’s for the car ride home

Sunday- no work!, shop (again 🙂 ), eat another sandwich from Jimmy John’s (so good), wine taste with Derek’s parent’s at Chateau St. Michelle, change into my favorite dress, dinner at a pasta bar with Doug, Mego, Rebecca, Chantha and Travis, Dad and Heather and Derek, cupcakes at Mego’s, drinks and pool in Fremont ( I actually did really well– at least for the first game), sleep

Monday-sleep in, lazy/cuddly morning with Derek, eat yet another Jimmy John sandwich (I just love them), work, hang out with Jakey and crew for a bit in Ballard, sleep

So, you see. I’ve been busy. And so so happy. Derek and I never got around to our hike- I overestimated the time we would have on Sunday and staying out til 3 on Saturday put a kink in the plans. But it didn’t matter after all. I had a perfect birthday weekend without it. Derek’s parents are lovely people; I really enjoy their company. And it was nice to have dinner with Dad, Chan and friends. It was all just perfect.

But now, as I come down from my birthday high, I must pack up what’s left of my belongings and move them to my Dad’s house in Puyallup. Derek and I are going to spend the rest of the week in my empty room on an air mattress because we’re not quite ready to leave Seattle (and we have a lot of food to try to finish). And, I’ve decided to give away even more, so we’ll also be driving to Rainier this afternoon to leave it with my mom. It’ll be a busy day. Maybe the busy will keep my mind of the change that is rapidly approaching. I think I’m ready, but I have my fears. And I feel like I have a lot to do to prepare. Let me list, it’ll help me put things in perspective.

Major To-Do’s Before East Coast Move:

-tell current employer that I am leaving mid-September (not looking forward to this talk as they are adding responsibilities to my job in preparation for a promotion)

-secure new employment in Connecticut/Massachusetts/New Hampshire (hey friends, this is the time you might share any connections with  me)

-edit down the quantity of stuff I own to 1 Kia-sized car load (accommodating for my grandpa and his small bag of clothing)

-come to terms with the fact that I will no longer see some of the best people I know on a regular basis (how do you do that!?)

And then there’s a whole lot of little stuff. Like getting new contacts ordered, deep cleaning my car, etc. etc. Eek! I’m taking it one step at a time, which means I have to tell my boss soon. If you have experience with this type of conversation, please share your wisdom.

Darlings, my alarm is going off so I must begin my day. Hip! Hip! for another day of packing and moving.

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